New NFT project CryptoFranks making big waves in the NFT and crypto space

October 30 05:47 2021
CryptoFranks is a new state-of-the-art NFT project that promises great investment opportunities for investors in the long run.

Orlando, FL – October 29, 2021 – NFTs aka Non Fungible Tokens are fast picking up traction in the contemporary art world, facilitating huge monetizing opportunities for artists, investors, and collectors alike. The latest kid to join the bandwagon is CryptoFranks. Themed on the legendary fictional story of Frankenstein, the NFT platform has already created a huge buzz in the NFT and crypto space given its lofty investment potential,  in just a few days of its launch.

Technically speaking, CryptoFranks can be defined as 10,000 randomly generated NFTs inspired by the famous monster. These cutting-edge NFTs come with varying rarities and allow investors access to a bustling community of like-minded mad scientists. The randomly generated Franks are based on Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens, hosted on IPFS.  

The new NFT platform has already been featured in esteemed portals like Business Insider; top influencers have also shown great interest in backing the project. Spearheaded by NFT and crypto experts, CryptoFranks boasts a fast-rising community (CryptoFranks Discord Community) that has already garnered 3,000+ members (read mad scientists) in just a few days of the launch. 

One of the major factors that keep CryptoFranks ahead of the curve is its rarity. Each of the randomized Franks is completely unique- the CryptoFranks platform has come up with 100+ different traits for the Franks to ensure that each Frank is unique and unlike any other. To make things more interesting, the platform also hosts Super Rare Franks that would be minted shortly and the lucky winner mad scientist will be awarded with a CryptoFranks hearse valued at $20,000. 

“We are glad and grateful for the massive support that we have received from the mad scientists, investors as well as big influencers and elite platforms like Business Insider ever since our launch. We are looking forward to minting all of our CryptoFrank NFTs. After we mint 50% of the CryptoFranks NFTs, $10,000 of the earnings from the purchased Franks will be donated to leading non-profit organization, Central Florida Hope Center, a leading non-profit organization that is dedicated to help people to find solutions for various problems, ranging from unemployment to  homelessness to mental health problems to food insecurity, and so on”, stated the leading spokesperson from CryptoFranks.  

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed that they are gearing to create a thriving and fun community for all the members aka the mad scientists. The CryptoFrank holders will receive access to Airdrops events for future projects, whitelists, and great giveaways.  

Aspiring NFT or crypto investors who would like to buy the Franks would have to download the MetaMask plugin that will serve as their interface to the Ethereum network. 

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