Bellrose Group hires Harrison Wright as Senior Wealth Manager

May 13 00:19 2021
Bellrose Group hires Harrison Wright as Senior Wealth Manager

Bellrose Group has added Mr. Harrison Wright to their senior team on Monday. The hiring came after the departure of a team member who unfortunately had to leave his position after health complications.

Although the hiring was off a tragic incident where Bellrose Group lost a valued member of the team, they are very ecstatic for the new addition and have made it clear that Mr. Wright is a perfect fit for the role. He has tremendous experience in the industry and has a very impressive resume behind him to back the excitement showed by Bellrose Group.

A senior member of the team,Mr. Jonathan Wellerspoke with us and said:

“Although we are deeply saddened by the departure of our colleague and friend, we understand that with every door closed, a new door opens and this is the belief of our company in many of the things that we do.

“We are very fortunate to have added such an established individual to our team because this level of expertise and experience is not always readily available to join your company. We welcome Mr. Wright to the family and hope to have him on board for many years to come.”

The team has also announced of other additions in the pipeline and has made it clear that they are certainly growing so they need to expand their team to handle the growing pains of the company.

Bellrose Group not only focus on the individuals skillset and experience, but they also look closely at how the individual will fit with their current team and look for other characteristics that indicate a promising future with the company. 

Mr. Weller also added:

“It is not always the most skilled or the person with the most experience who gets hired here, but the person who possesses the right characteristics that also fit our company ethos.”

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