Celeste Jewelry Online Store Offers Moissanite Jewelry Options

April 13 13:09 2021
Celeste Jewelry Online Store Offers Moissanite Jewelry Options

USA – Celeste Jewelry was founded by a group of parents with the sole goal of providing affordable luxury with minimal environmental impact. They believe that consumers should not have to choose between the two. Luxury, they argue, can be both sustainable and affordable. Their combined 30-years experience in the jewelry business has given them insight into the waste and often dangerous ways the industry exploits the most vulnerable individuals. 

Mining precious stones and metals can have a significant adverse effect on the environment and the area in which they are mined. Building a better future for their children is paramount to them as parents, and this passion drives their desire to educate their kids and customers about the importance of buying responsibly. Clients can rest easy knowing that their Moissanite gemstone is long-lasting with Celeste Jewelry. The metal they use is made of recycled materials, reducing the overall environmental impact while providing unrivaled beauty. Their goal is to deliver incredible luxury that clients can be proud to wear.

It’s easy to see why Moissanite has surpassed synthetic diamonds as the most popular alternative. But it’s not just about finding a low-cost, eco-friendly gemstone. Moissanite has the same beauty as a natural diamond, but it has more fire and brilliance, making it an outstanding choice for their clients’ next fine jewelry piece. It’s nearly difficult to tell if jewelers have obtained a diamond ethically. Without a certificate, it’s impossible to know where the client’s precious stone has come from or whether the people who have mined it were forced to work in deplorable conditions. Clients don’t have to worry about the alluvial, pipe, or marine mining ruining the environment when they buy Moissanite.

Celeste Jewelry has been setting the bar for Moissanite earrings, engagement rings, and necklaces. They are a premier supplier of fine jewelry set with exquisitely produced gems that grade at minimum VS or higher. Their standards are high, and they only sell the highest-quality gemstones set in ethically sourced precious metals, all at affordable direct to consumer pricing. They take pride in the fact that their stones are produced rather than mined.

“Cut, color, clarity, and carat” are the four C’s that Celeste Jewelry considers when determining the quality of a diamond alternative and the price customers will pay when purchasing one. Clarity is probably the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a stone because it considers physical flaws. Celeste Jewelry a moissanite jewelry shop, has a wide range of jewelry options. From engagement rings to earrings to necklaces. The company features white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and solitaire platinum options. The online store highlights 4-Prong Round Solitaire Twist Band 14k White Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring, 4-Prong Round Solitaire Twist Band 14k Yellow Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring, 4-Prong Round Solitaire Twist Band 14k Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring, and 4-Prong Round Solitaire Twist Band Platinum Moissanite Engagement Rings among others.

Celeste Jewelry is located in the United States. For inquiries, contact the company via phone at (833) 323-5378 or visit its website for additional information.

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