UK-based Brand Direct Fabrics Offers Top-quality Acoustic Curtains and Room Dividers for Sound Cancellation

April 02 02:48 2021
Direct Fabrics are a leading manufacturer of room divider curtains in the UK with high quality solutions for studios, workspace, dorms, high ceilings, city loft, factories, cafes, hospitals, and much more!

Bristol, United Kingdom – Direct Fabrics acoustic curtains is a revolutionary new product. The sound-absorbing drapery is primarily designed to absorb more sound than standard decorative curtains. These noise reduction curtains are made with sound-absorbing materials allowing them to be ideally used where control of acoustic echo off of glass and ambient light control is required.

These acoustical curtains feature a basic material of naturally fire-resistant fabric that is neatly pressed between a decorative fabric and a blackout liner. The duo lining is 3-pass coated and will stop light entering a space or leaving a space including office lights, streetlights, and more. This best-selling product from Direct Fabrics also has the potential to reflect thermal energy and block light when drawn across a window or door.

Through their impeccable service, Direct Fabrics is able to custom design the acoustic and sound proof curtains to fit and match the client’s interior design specifications. The product itself is lab tested to soundproof as a room divider up to 11db-13db. Direct Fabrics claims 95% acoustic absorption through these top-rated thermal curtains that will make a space quieter, reduce outside noise while giving it a beautiful look. The acoustic curtains also work with double glazed windows to give an additional 4db of superior noise reduction.

Direct Fabrics is the leading manufacturer when it comes to room dividers curtains and tracks. Clients can use these room divider curtains and tracks to split their rooms simply without any hassle. Additional to helping in carving out space, these dividers are also great at absorbing sound.

The room dividers are available in plain, decorative, and blackout options if the goal is to stop light from coming through. The room divider curtains are perfect for the bedroom, living room, or any shared space such as an office. These dividers are thermally insulated grommet curtain panels crafted from heavy duty materials. Their ability to block 99% of external lighting highlights its high quality and guarantee.

The best part about choosing new curtains is the decorative fabric that goes on top. Direct Fabrics provides a variety of beautiful high-quality fabrics for clients to choose from. This way it is easier to maintain home aesthetics while efficiently blocking out sound and light.

As a family-owned company, the management prides itself on unique and exceptional customer service. They aim to provide a professional and personal service to all their clients in order to establish a good, reputable, and trustworthy connection with them for the future.

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