Incheon Smart City Co., Ltd., MOU with KINESIS Investments

April 02 02:30 2021

Incheon Smart City Co., Ltd. (CEO  Ki-wook  Seong) announced on the  16th of March 2021, that  it  has  signed  a  MOU  to develop in joint venture the  “AIDENä  SMART  HEALTHCARE  CITY  PROJECT” with KINESIS Investments, a global urban development investment company headquartered in Canada.

Due to the corona pandemic, this agreement has been conducted and signed online and with the presence of IFEZ (Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority) and the direct witness of the Indonesia Government Officials, Malaysia Government officials and Lao PDR Government officials.

The signing ceremony was attended by Shad AM Serroune, CEO of AIDENä and VP of KINESIS Investments Asia, and Kiwook Sung, CEO of Incheon Smart City Co., Ltd.

IFEZ is one of the most advanced smart city model in Southeast Asia. Through this understanding between ISCC/ IFEZ and AIDEN will create opportunities to set up new smart concept architecture, enhance and deploy an efficient and unique IoT and IomT network (Internet of Medical Things). This will enhance quality of life whilst facilitating the deployment and increasing the productivity and safety of these unique advanced solutions.

As part of the agreement, Incheon Smart City Co., Ltd. is providing support based on their experience for the application and implementation of the smart city architecture and operation strategy. They have also agreed to act as an operator in future.

In April and June 2019, KINESIS signed a preliminary MOU for a digital based co-operation and to assess the capacity for developing a digital gateway in Malaysia. In October of that year, Malaysian Government officials visited the IFEZ (Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority) and Incheon Smart City to witness the concept and observe the technical architecture behind a successful smart city.

Incheon Smart City Co., LTD visited the headquarters in person to discuss cooperation plans between cities, and in February 2020, Incheon Smart City Co., Ltd. and KINESIS visited potential local state government to provide KINESIS investment and consulting service services for Incheon Smart City Co., Ltd. in this project.

We strongly believe that the fusion of valuable input and experience of Kinesis Development, Incheon Smart City Co. LTD and IFEZ (Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority) will enhance the AIDEN concept to be one of the most technically advanced in the world. We believe that this strong partnership is the key to combine innovation, IoMT integration, sustainability, and economic structure as the core foundations for reinventing the smart city and developing one of the world’s most exceptional and viable healthcare hubs.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused several project integration and assessment delays. As travel restrictions are lifted, plans to assess several new countries are in place, including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Lao PDR. Findings are set to be announced on May 14th, 2021 at 6pm GMT.


AIDEN (Artificial Intelligence Digital Ecosystem Network) is a disruptive, innovative healthcare concept designed to transform and standardize healthcare via a fusion of physical and AI-based digital solutions. Its business model has been designed to stimulate growth and boost performance in existing healthcare systems. AIDEN’s solutions optimize productivity to maximize system benefits.

The diverse mixed use infrastructure will host the first tier 5 data center with super calculators in Asia and has been designed to completely run with clean energy as it will be fully based on renewable energy with one of the most lowest carbon footprint in the continent, the entire set of facilities will be connected to a close loop geothermal power energy generation named DCEE (Deep Complex Extraction of Energy) to operate in Asia and fully using renewable energy, the list of buildings and more information being in the press presentation (on demand by email at [email protected]).


Incheon Smart City corporation is Incheon metropolitan city service company who specialize in consulting, design, building and operating smart cities all around the globe, their successful input and application of the smart city of tomorrow is based on their existing experience and is an asset for any company that is  under operation by ISCC, their unique knowledge of both public and private sector and their experience in building and operating Songdo smart city is a competitive advantage that AIDEN will benefit from.

The models developed by ISCC are creating an added centric value, the exportation of a successful existing model to a new concept is something complex that only the fusion of ISCC and IFEZ will be able to provide in order to set a unique framework for AIDEN.

The integration will also help AIDEN to identify and integrate connected models and applicative solutions that will be tested at physical stage before final implementation, at this day only Incheon Smart City Corporation is able to provide this kind of participative, real time user-centered experience and design input.

As a designer and operator, ISCC is conscious that the core value of any successful project is based on a unique management, value management linked with innovation and a high level of communication and co-existence it’s the key to success of any global partnership and development, the transparency in development and our challenge will be to develop AIDEN into a patient-citizen centric value structure with a high focus on creation and social responsibility.

More information at and [email protected]

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