New York Streetwear Brand Where Luxury Meets Raw Authentic Fashion

March 03 05:49 2021
New York Streetwear Brand Where Luxury Meets Raw Authentic Fashion

The Lifestyle XD, also known as Lifestyle by Design, is at the forefront of bringing authentic fashion styles and quality materials from the source. The brand is an all-encompassing brand that makes clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories. The Lifestyle XD is a proponent of quality as its footwear collection, for instance, features classic silhouettes that are handmade in Le Marche, Italy of Italian Leather.

Founded by Dave Levy, who is the Fashion Director at the company, he has set standards that any other brand will find hard to replicate or beat. Every single product from The Lifestyle XD has undergone the best craftsmanship, which has been passed down generations, and has set the industry standard for luxury and quality. The Lifestyle XD does not promote itself with unnecessary hype, limited quantities, or high prices. The products speak for themselves and are authentic to genuine enthusiasts.

If there is anything The Lifestyle XD is known for, it is the originality and authenticity that comes with its products. The brand blends streetwear with luxury and offers original designs like Spotted Camouflage, Modern Tie Dye, and Classic Galaxy. The Lifestyle XD designs each of its products with real streetwear culture as the foundation and with a tagline that says, “LXD truly is The Lifestyle by Design. Live the Lifestyle XD,” the brand ensures it delivers just as much as is expected of it.

The Lifestyle XD thrives on the credibility that original Italian designs and materials have. The brand’s primary product offerings are mostly original designs and handmade Italian footwear, which are crafted in Le Marche, Italy. Original Designs. The Lifestyle XD is a brand that targets everyone who is drawn to or affiliated with original, unique, and authentic culture, such as creatives, fashion lovers, skaters, and streetwear enthusiasts.

Building and running The Lifestyle XD is one of the most creatively tasking processes that Dave Levy has embarked on. In his words, “The brand has every aspect built from the lifestyle and fashion culture that my surroundings provided. I am a third-generation Americana fashion retailer in NYC. Since I was born, I have lived around and been exposed to the city’s everyday style, look, and attitude. All of this is the inspiration behind LXD. Aside from the raw style, the product delivery has to be properly constructed, or it won’t survive these New York Streets. Unlike offerings from the fad chasing, sweatshop manufacturing competition, you deserve Authentic Design and Handmade Italian Craftsmanship.”

From footwear to apparel like t-shirts, jackets, and hoodies, skateboards, and accessories like socks and facemasks, The Lifestyle XD goes all out with its designs. It is what the new school generation of fashion enthusiasts would call “going hard.” Dave Levy has dedicated resources to make sure the brand delivers the best to its customers while setting a high standard for streetwear fashion.

Learn more about The Lifestyle XD by visiting the official website or Instagram page.

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