Joshua Gayman Seeks to Revolutionize the i-Buying Real Estate Experience

March 02 08:12 2021
Joshua Gayman Seeks to Revolutionize the i-Buying Real Estate Experience

As the real estate industry shifts to a virtual model, real estate professionals are met with new challenges in providing their services. After 12 productive years of full-time investing, real estate mogul Joshua Gayman turns to i-Buying Real Estate Fund to get with the times. He makes it his mission to provide home selling service with a powerful equity investment fund as the industry ventures into the online landscape. 

Joshua Gayman is a renowned real estate investor, broker, and serial entrepreneur who has been featured in national publications and media outlets as a top educator, realtor, and investor. He stands as the owner of one of the largest wholesale companies in Arizona. He prides himself on his successful streak in investing for over 12 years now. At present, he is the CEO of Easy Button Home Sales.

Easy Button Home Sales is a Scottsdale-based residential real estate i-buyer that takes the lead in purchasing homes directly from sellers. But more than this purpose, its CEO Joshua Gayman is bringing in a bigger vision for the company as he combines his brand with a powerful leverage source: capital. 

Joshua Gayman notes that at present, the largest market share of the i-buying industry comes from small-time investors quickly flipping contracts to another buyer before actually closing the sales. On the other hand, larger i-buyers are buying in smaller volumes as they look for ways to monetize the traffic since they are currently facing losses while the stock price rises. This glaring gap in the industry fueled the rising realtor to make a difference through Easy Button Home Sales i-Buying Company. 

Gamen Capital will fund deals acquired by Easy Button Home Sales. Today, the fund is in its initial round of capital seed-raising with a cap of $5 million. By the end of 2021, Gamen Capital is expected to fund over $10 million in transaction volume, and by 2023, there are plans to launch an IPO, hopefully increasing the fund cap to $100 million. 

“More and more homeowners are opting for the “easy button” online sales process where they can sell their house in a similar fashion to trading in a car. Ten years ago, when people thought of real estate investing, the first thing that came to mind was ugly houses. Now, most homeowners are going online before they even start their home selling process,” explains Joshua. Gayman understands that homeowners are educating themselves more on the processes and fees associated with selling houses. He also highlights that these homeowners are operating for newer options rather than the conventional brokerage. 

The seasoned investor foresees the industry to grow over 1000% in the ten years ahead and is bracing himself for the challenges to come. Still, he sees an opportunity to serve homeowners and create a profitable investment opportunity for capital investors. “It’s a win-win for the market,” exclaims Joshua Gayman. He continues to say that “Buying real estate should be profitable. You make money when you buy. Our investors get that, we get that, and they get that we get that.”

In his 12 productive years of serving the industry, Joshua Gayman has, without doubt, mastered the ins and outs of the real estate arena. His services have changed the lives of many investors over the decade, and today, he ventures into another milestone as he takes the lead in the i-buying market.

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