ListingBaby Gets Brands Dressed to Enter the Amazon Marketplace

November 18 21:25 2022
How Optimizing Listings Makes or Breaks Amazon Sellers

Selling on Amazon:

Selling on Amazon is downright essential for any serious retailer. In 2021, the platform facilitated nearly 40% of all US eCommerce sales, and generated over $200 billion in revenue.

Not only is the sales volume gigantic, but the customer reach is broad and wide-ranging. Amazon Prime has over 150 million US subscribers, and the site attracts 2.5 billion visitors every month. The opportunity is just too tremendous to ignore.

However, competition is fierce, with over 1.5 million brands actively selling on the platform. Companies must put extensive effort into perfecting their Amazon presence in order to succeed. One of the most fundamental steps that a seller can take to achieve this is optimizing their product listings.

What Does Listing Optimization Accomplish?

There are three primary metrics to track when launching a new product on Amazon: indexing in search results, attracting clicks, and converting listing visitors into loyal customers. A comprehensive 5-step optimization strategy addresses all of the above.

Keyword Research helps determine which terms people use to search for a specific product on Amazon. By integrating these keywords into the frontend and backend text of your listing, sellers inform Amazon’s A9 algorithm that their product is relevant to customers’ search queries. Copywriting is the process of formulating the text of a listing. It requires an intelligent combination of the aforementioned keyword integration with persuasive and informative sales jargon. Product Photography must capture the essence of a product and display its relevance to shoppers’ lives, all while abiding by Amazon’s specific guidelines. Graphic Design persuades shoppers that the product meets their specific needs, and ultimately converts them into customers. Infographics display the specs and features of the product, lifestyle images show the product’s practical uses, and brand story graphics take customers on the brand’s emotional journey. A skilled graphic designer will ensure that there is uniformity throughout the graphics to align with the brand’s identity and build a sense of consumer confidence. The final step in the process is Upload. Navigating Amazon’s Seller Central platform can be tedious and aggravating, and it must be done accurately and efficiently to ensure long-term success.

Understanding the process can be perplexing; let alone executing the operation from start to finish. This may discourage brands from selling on Amazon, instead opting for alternative platforms such as Shopify, eBay and Walmart.

Enter ListingBaby:

In 2017, David Greenblatt, a long-time Fortune CEO, decided that he wanted to help sellers navigate the difficult process of launching on Amazon. He founded ListingBaby, a full-service agency that facilitates listing optimization in a smooth and trouble-free manner. ListingBaby boasts a group of experienced professionals, each an expert in their space. The team works with three goals in mind: improving indexing in search results, boosting conversion rates, and building brand identity on and off the platform. Amazon compliance and marketing specialists guide the process, which is closely managed by their listing director. More information is available on their website,

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