Expedited Shipping at the Forefront of the Transport Industry

July 27 17:40 2022

Most surveys agree that anywhere from 50% to over 60% of consumers expect packages to arrive within three business days. It’s becoming increasingly crucial in business-to-business shipping as well. The faster parts show up for production, the quicker the product can be shipped out the door. That’s why working with a freight company with expedited options is critical.

“It’s all about getting whatever the object is to its destination as fast as possible so that consumers are satisfied in the end.” Explained one spokesperson.

For business-to-business shipping solutions, experts agree that working with a professional transportation company is the smartest solution. Businesses are especially dependent on working with qualified experts in the transportation industry–smaller enterprises even more so. All it takes is one significant shipping delay to do unimaginable damage to a smaller business.

When choosing a transport company, it’s best to work with experts with many options. Some products, for instance, require special care when shipped. Other businesses may need to work with a company that focuses on partial loads, also known as less than a truckload. For example, a company that makes small components may never produce enough product for an entire truckload. Less than truckload shipments allow all the same great benefits of shipping with a whole truckload at a much lower rate because the cost of the load is shared.

“Shared loads are one of the most affordable ways to ship, especially for shipping across the border. The farther the shipment goes, the more expensive it gets, and it’s even more so with the gas prices increasing over the last few months. One of the best ways a small business can save if it works for the product is to ship with partial truck loads.“ said a spokesperson.

Warehousing solutions can actually speed up the entire freight process as well. Transportation companies often partner with or own warehouses, allowing them to offer freight storage to make it easier to transport products and faster to move them. Another commonly used option by experts in transport is cross-docking. Suppose freight is being moved a significant distance. In that case, it will likely need to be transferred from one mode of transportation to another. Cross-docking means that when that change happens, it happens directly from truck to truck or truck to rail, for example. It’s prevalent in expedited shipping as it saves a significant amount of time.

Expedited shipping options are at the forefront of the freight industry these days. Customers may be temporarily offering a little more patience than they were due to the media coverage of the supply chain issues worldwide. It’s unlikely that the trend will last. Small and large businesses should look to freight companies now that provide expedited shipping to ensure they keep the customer base content.

About Road Linx

Road Linx is a freight and shipping company that offers services throughout Canada and the U.S. They have focused on personalized transportation for their clients. Among the services they offer are, expedited shipping options and partial truckloads for smaller businesses’ needs such as flatbeds and refrigerated transport. They have a highly informed logistics staff to ensure that they provide their clients with the best services no matter their needs.

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