New Skin Care Brand Verde Vitale Launches with Flagship Green Tea Mask Stick Product

June 30 16:06 2022

USA – JUNE 30, 2022 – Verde Vitale is a new skin care brand that is announcing its flagship product, the green tea mask stick. The mask stick is on sale now, available from their website.

Verde Vitale is focused on helping customers improve their skin and manage conditions like acne through a single multi-purpose product. The green tea mask stick helps improve the appearance and reduce instances of:

• Blemishes

• Blackheads

• Pimples

• Whiteheads

A five-star review from a satisfied customer who used the products says, “Skin is looking better already!” 

Another customer left a five-star review of the green tea mask stick saying, “I have oily skin, and after the mask my skin was great!

The price for the green tea mask stick from Verde Vitale is $16.76. The product comes in an aesthetically pleasing green casing with a rotary design that allows users to roll the mask onto their skin with ease. 

The appeal of the green tea mask is the anti-inflammatory properties that green tea contains. They can heal skin and prevent irritation or acne. Green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties can also remove excess sebum for clearer, healthier looking skin. 

The anti-oxidants in the green tea mask stick isolate free radicals and remove excess skin oil that contributes to acne. The green tea mask stick from Verde Vitale is also good for moisturizing the skin with Vitamin-E and L-Theanine. 

Verde Vitale’s green tea mask stick is an all-in-one skin care product designed to gently cleanse pores while moisturizing the user’s skin. The benefits of the green tea mask are all derived from the organic ingredients in the product, free from additives or harmful chemicals. 

When purchasing a green tea mask stick, customers are buying one product per purchase, each containing 40 grams of green tea purifying clay. The mask can whiten the user’s skin tone, moisturize and provide oil control. The product is suitable for all ages and genders thanks to its neutral ingredients, scent and packaging. 

To use the green tea mask stick, customers must simply rotate the tube until they obtain the desired amount. Then, they should apply the mask evenly across their face and leave it in place for 10-15 minutes. After the allotted time has passed, users can gently wash their face with warm water to remove the mask. 

It’s easy to wash off once the user is finished hydrating and cleansing their skin with the mask. The formula in the Verde Vitale green tea mask stick is specifically formulated for the face and is suitable for use on all skin types. 

Verde Vitale is excited about the roll-on technology in their skin care product to ensure that customers never have to worry about making a mess in their bags. Anyone interested in simplifying their skin care routine with Verde Vitale’s green tea mask stick can find out more by checking the product page, or contact Verde Vitale via their contact page.

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