Leading outdoor brand Naturehike creates more possibilities for outdoor lifestyles

June 30 15:57 2022
Naturehike is an industry leader in the outdoor space continually striving to make innovative, quality products that let adventurers of every skill level explore the outdoors on their own terms.

Summer is here and nature is calling. After being confined indoors due to the longer-than-we-all-expected pandemic, it’s time to unplug and go appreciate mother nature at her finest. The leading outdoor brand, Naturehike, creates innovative, quality products for everyone from novice camper to world-class adventurer so they can enjoy the great outdoors how they’d like.

Naturehike offers a comprehensive range of industry-leading and eco-friendly outdoor equipment and accessories. With more than 80 unique patents to better experience the outdoors, they are most notably known for their ultra-light product series, which are perfect for any adventure. Recently the ultra-light product line has been sweeping through North America because of its portable yet durable features.

Launched in 2010, Naturehike has been the advocate of lightweight outdoor gear since its inception. Founded on the ethos of sustainability, Naturehike’s eco-friendly philosophy earned them the esteemed “Green Environmental Brand of the Year” award in 2012.

Since 2015, Naturehike has advocated for even more advanced ultra-lightweight outdoor gear. The globally renowned outdoor brand now ships to as many as 72 countries, including North America, Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and more, and gained a wide range of global recognition and preference. Whether in the countryside or in a city, camping or glamping can be done anywhere. Whatever adventure means to you, Naturehike is here to support it.

“Summer is just around the corner, children are out of school, and the weather is perfect for all those pending outdoor adventures. It’s the best time of the year to set out for camping weekends, and if you want to do it in style, go for glamping. As fellow outdoor enthusiasts, we have come up with a comprehensive range of outdoor equipment and accessories to ensure the most memorable adventures for you”, stated the spokesperson from Naturehike.

The Naturehike collection is teeming with a wide range of tents, including Cotton Tents, Oxford Tents, Pop Up Tent, Canopy, etc. Bestsellers include ultralight tents and camping furniture like foldable BBQ picnic tables. Naturehike has thought of every outdoor need and has even created the ultra-light product line that includes Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles and Ultralight Sleeping Bag to make sure you return to your tent safely and sleep through the night.

Naturehike offers sturdy and easily portable outdoor camping telescopic foldable picnic tables for those who have elaborate picnic plans at the camping site. Folding camping carts are easy to carry and can even be used in gardens and patios. Naturehike is also offering other major glamping gear products, including but not limited to sun shade camping rain tarp, glamping chair, table, sleeping pad, inflatable sleeping pillow, blanket, and more.

Naturehike’s premier product is the BRIGHTEN 12.3 Pyramid 4 People Glamping Tent. This tent is spacious enough to accommodate 3-5 people while still creating an intimate experience for friends, family, and loved ones to connect and share a truly unique experience alongside nature.

“We’re your one-stop destination for all the outdoor equipment and accessories. Every product undergoes a sophisticated manufacturing and testing process to ensure the highest quality in the field. We also advocate a sustainable lifestyle through our eco-friendly products to enable you to connect to nature without harming the planet”, stated the spokesperson from Naturehike.

Naturehike outdoor equipment and accessories are backed by 1-2 years of iron-clad guarantee.

For more information, please visit https://www.naturehike.com.

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