Astrology, Self Love And Meditation – A Book To Unlock The Path To Self-Reflection With The Power Of Astrology

June 22 01:08 2022

Astrology, Self Love And Meditation Book by Lucious Lyran guides readers through the journey of self-actualization with the power of astrology.

The energies from the universe affect every living being. Everyone can harness the powers of celestial bodies to help transcend mundane life and create a destiny they always dreamt of. Learning the basics of astrology allows people to understand how to find good in any situation and rise above challenges.

Astrology, Self Love and Meditation by Lucious Lyran, released on June 13, 2022, is a masterpiece that breaks down the sequence of life to individual keys, revealing the meaning of each movement. A must-read for those who are ready to learn more about self-awareness and harness the power of astrology for self-love and meditation. Using this knowledge, readers can go beyond their limits by taking control of their whole being.

This ground-breaking book will catapult the reader to a new realm of understanding life. Reading Astrology, Self Love, and Meditation Book will help one better understand the meaning of life and help readers tap into their full potential while understanding the possibilities around them and anything else related to their emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

To grab hands on the book, Lucious is offering July 4th deal where the ebook will be available on Amazon for $ 2.99 from July 4 to July 11.From passionate Aries to diplomatic Pisces and all the signs in between, each astrological profile is associated with a unique temperament and different needs for nurturing body, mind, and spirit. Knowing these can help one personalize their self-care regimen to regain life’s control.

When asked about the book’s uniqueness, the author said, “The universe is always trying to send us clues about who we are and where we are going in life. The key to making the most out of our lives lies in understanding these messages and using them to course-correct our paths. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to get back on track with becoming the best version of yourself, this book will be a perfect fit for you! It will help you understand how astrology and other signs play into your life and give you tools to understand yourself, find what makes you happy, and take control of your life’s direction.”

Lucious Lyran is all set to release his next masterpiece, “Spiritual Awakening For teens,” on July 13, 2022. He is a multi-dimensional creative artist with 100k followers on Instagram who made a name for himself in the entertainment industry before embarking on a journey to explore the intersections of spirituality, science, and the human experience. He is now heading towards building an empire rooted in writing to let readers understand what it means to be human and how to live in harmony with all things.

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