Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr Advocate for Change in the Justice System

January 21 18:05 2022
Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr Advocate for Change in the Justice System
Entertainment powerhouse couple, Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr. increase their advocacy for change amidst increasing calls against the American justice system.

David Murrietta Jr and Alexandra Creteau are not resting in the quest to right the ills in society and recently brought this to bear by advocating for change in the American justice system. The Hollywood power couple has built a reputation for helping elevate each other’s careers and use their platform in the entertainment scene to bring attention to critical societal issues. 

The American justice system is reportedly rigged against the poor, with the rich seemingly having a filled day with the law and allegedly buying their pre-trial freedom and even getting lenient sentences. Consequently, many individuals and organizations have clamored for changes in the system, with actor, social media influencer, and model David Murrietta Jr and his better half, Ukrainian actress, leading the way by using their platform to bring attention to the system.

Before joining the entertainment industry, David Murrietta Jr had a career in law enforcement with degrees in criminal justice and general business. However, a knee injury brought his career in law enforcement to an end, leading to a new career on the red carpets. Over the years, he has worked as a stunt performer on many TV and film projects. David has also appeared in hit television shows like “Sunset Glory: Doolittle’s Heroes” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” and movies like“Internal Conflict,” “Vicious Circle,” “Underdog,” and “Land of the Haunted Dolls,” with his most recent role as a stuntman was for the recent blockbuster Marvel film “Black Widow.”

Alexandra Creteau is a former Ukrainian Karate-do champion who found the spotlight at eighteen after becoming Champion of Ukraine in karate do. She discovered her acting talent and made the career switch to the silver screen, working on big projects like “American Horror Story,” “X-Men: New Mutants,” and some other indie films. Her most recent project is titled “The Memory Scanner,” where she plays the role of neuroscientist, helping overhaul the criminal justice system. The stunning actress and martial arts champion hope to highlight the current state of injustice in the American justice system, particularly how it is rigged in favor of the rich and famous. The film comes at a time when Alec Baldwin, Travis Scott, and Kyle Rittenhouse have dominated headlines and divided opinions over the current state of the U.S. legal system.

In addition to being advocates for social justice, the couple also has a Youtube Channel named Dalex Vlogs, with over 10,000 plus subscribers and 900,000 views. Together, the two have witnessed massive growth, continuing to grow.

Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr met during a project and the rest they say is history. They have collaborated with different brands to create quality content for their Instagram pages. Alexandra and David also film videos as a couple and upload them for their fans.

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