Building a Team with Acumen Digital – Africa’s Most Talented Engineers and Developers

January 17 10:27 2022
Acumen Digital is one of African leading staff augmentation agencies, presenting its clients with the most brilliant professionals and experts.

Over the past two years, the world has seen how the tech industry has changed in the era of remote working, with the transition from traditional to virtual teams, or both.

Although many predicted that the new trajectory of business trends and circumstances would cause major setbacks, although the opposite has been true so far. Through staff augmentation, teams from all over the world have had scalable and productive collaborations in every sector.

Acumen is a leading product development company in Africa, offering bespoke and managed staff augmentation. They have helped numerous companies build vetted teams consisting of product engineers, designers, QA engineers, and PMs.

Attesting to their brilliance, the company has won back-to-back awards from Clutch in 2019, 2020, and 2021 for Top B2B Companies in Africa. Devoted to presenting efficient solutions, its clients can rely on their newly augmented teams to deliver reliably and consistently high expectations.

Over 50 companies from across the world have benefitted from Acumen’s dependable experts of product designers, engineers, product managers, and product testers.

The company has collaborated with high-profile clients, such as First Blvd, IZBA, LendMe, Trove, MoneyMie, PharmAccess Foundation, Lagos Business School, Spleet, Wallets Africa, to mention a few. It is without any doubt that Acumen provides the extra talent and skills required to scale projects.

On the brand’s official portal, some of the satisfied clients shared their experiences working with the team. Aaron A., from IZBA Consulting, USA, stated that the augmented team had a deep understanding of their industry which was fundamental to shaping their product.

Tomi O., from Trove Nigeria, attested that the brand helped in shaping some of the thinking behind the design of their product, in a statement:

“We had our own ideas, but they helped guide us, which translated to better results in terms of how users react. Acumen Digital did great work, and we are willing to work with them again on new projects.”

What sets Acumen apart from its peers is an innovative, exquisite transition plan that helps clients find the perfect candidates to build a formidable product team. The company also aims to help teams focus on their niches rather than going through the rigorous and expensive approach of onboarding new talents.

As the brand’s spokesperson imparts, one of the main advantages of using the brand’s services is the ability to cut through the tedious process of recruitment and provide potential teammates to help clients move quickly with first-line engineers and designers.

In recent times, Acumen has become one of the leading staff augmentation agencies in Africa, constantly and diligently working on pushing the envelope as well as setting new standards of quality and dependability of its services.

Every individual on Acumen’s team is a seasoned, highly experienced professional with invaluable insights in their respective niches. The opportunities to onboard product designers and software engineers in Africa presented by the brand are highly valuable in today’s market, unlike ever before.

More information about Acumen is available on the company’s official website.

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