Hijinx Disrupts Ice Cream Industry With Customizable Homemade Ice Cream

January 17 09:30 2022
Startup creates powder mix that can be turned into ice cream simply by blending and freezing.

A new ice cream startup, Hijinx, is expanding the home-cooking landscape with the introduction of a powdered base that makes it easy to create personalized, homemade ice cream. The company’s innovative ice cream mix can be transformed into ice cream by simply blending and freezing.

Due to its complex chemistry, ice cream-making is an area in which at-home chefs find it challenging to be creative. For example, alcohol’s freezing point is much lower than water’s, making it challenging to make boozy ice cream at home. Hijinx’s unique mix was formulated with the right proportions of sugar, fat, and milk protein making it easy to create any flavor of homemade ice cream simply by adding the user’s favorite ingredients, blending, and freezing.

Since their launch, Hijinx has built a vast collection of unique and adventurous DIY ice cream recipes and experiences. The product has quickly become a favorite of social media influencers who have created their own signature ice cream flavors like Strawberry Rosé, Blueberry Goat Cheese, and Bourbon Cinnamon. Now, Hijinx is focusing on expansion by releasing seasonal alcohol-infused ice cream recipes and experiences for upcoming holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl, and the Academy Awards.

Hijinx also offers customer support to create free customized recipes that can be requested via email. To view Hijinx’s existing recipes and experiences, visit HijinxIceCream.com.

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