How Idea Factory’s robot is making startup success possible for anyone, anywhere

December 03 23:51 2021
Entrepreneurs are getting their ideas out there and connecting with investors in a whole new way. Rather than spending hours on emails and networking events, robots are bringing the future of the startup ecosystem today.

Far too many brilliant minds are wasting their time and energy writing emails that are never even opened. They spend hours trying to track down the right contacts only to have their voices ignored. Rather than giving us the next big thing, they are plugging away at admin. 

Forget knocking on doors and cold calling offices. In the 2020s, not only can a robot do it, but that bot can do it better. On top of cleaning floors and making breakfast smoothies, robots are now taking on the world of business. Meet Pitchbot. 

What is Pitchbot?

Pitchbot is the next big thing from the Idea Factory, a startup community that has exploded in popularity in recent months. With more than 28,000 entrepreneurs and investors from around the globe joining the community in just the past few months, this network is turning a lot of heads with its fresh approach to startups. 

As a new centre of international innovation, they’re taking a high-tech approach to launching startups. And it all starts with a robot, a user-friendly bot that chats with entrepreneurs on Telegram and takes them from start to finish. 

“Imagine you’re sitting in the countryside of France or a remote village in Japan. You’ve got a brilliant idea and you know it’s got the potential to be the next big thing. But how do you connect with investors? How do you perfect your idea? Literally, with the click of a button, Pitchbot will walk entrepreneurs through the process of pitching an idea,” said Jack, head of the Idea Factory.  “Anyone from anywhere can chat with the robot and have a pitch ready in five minutes. You don’t need to be a business expert. All it takes is a dream.”

How pitching a business idea works 

Once the pitch is ready, would-be CEOs can broadcast startup concepts to their new business network of 45,000+ investors and entrepreneurs. This startup community social network lets anyone and everyone vote on ideas by giving them a thumbs up or thumbs down. Ideas with potential generate buzz and get attention from industry experts. 

To keep things exciting, the community holds weekly contests with cash rewards going up to $15,0000. Popular ideas are reviewed by industry leaders, and the candidates are interviewed in front of a live audience. The winner moves on to the monthly contest and keeps promoting their startup in front of tens of thousands of people daily.

Perfecting business concepts

What about those ideas that aren’t so impressive the first time around? Industry experts connect with budding entrepreneurs to talk about their concepts and offer advice on perfecting it. Those ideas can then be improved and brought back to Pitchbot to try again. 

Beyond just throwing ideas out into the world, the Idea Factory is aiming to be a one-stop-shop for business education and mentorships. 

About the Idea Factory

For entrepreneurs around the planet, the Idea Factory offers a space where every voice can be heard. For investors, this is a place to hear about the next big thing before anyone else. And it all starts with Pitchbot

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