Donald Gallehr shares a story about finding meaning after losing a beloved one

December 03 18:46 2021
Donald Gallehr shares a story about finding meaning after losing a beloved one

WARRENTON, Va. – December 3, 2021 – Let’s face it, amid these dark times, we all are going through processes of grief. But nothing is more painful than realizing you only have a few number of days to spend with your partner in life. Author Donald Gallehr’s book, “Finished Business,” is a story about grief that reminds us of what it means to recognize our feelings towards another person and how we can navigate on those feelings.

Diana and Donald’s marriage is going through a storm but as soon as Diana was diagnosed with brain cancer, Diana and Donald learned to love each other once again. After Diana died, those she left behind had to heal and confront the loss. Gallehr is a beloved storyteller, his book is a heart-warming story about recovery that follows a man coping with the death of his wife. “I wrote this book, and it allowed me to move on with my life, something I am sure she would have wanted. This is the book I wish I had had at the time, and hopefully it will help others who are facing the same things.” he writes.

Read the book to experience the story in the shoes of a man and the amount of grueling pain he suffered after his wife’s death. “Finished Business” does a wonderful job of describing the assault on the inner and outer life of the mourner. This book is for anyone dealing with the traumatic death of a beloved one and emphasizes the reality that grieving takes time and should be given the time it needs.

“Finished Business” teaches mourners how to eliminate the need to acquire the permission or approval of others while navigating how to bounce back or redefine one’s life after an unexpected loss.

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“Finished Business”
By Donald Gallehr
Kindle | $3.99 | 978-1-68486-006-7
Paperback | $18.00 | 978-1-68486-004-3
Hardcover | $25.00 | 978-1-68486-005-0
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About the Author

Donald R. Gallehr taught composition, nonfiction writing, and the teaching of writing at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia for 55 years until he retired in June, 2021.  His research interests focused on learning beyond the cognitive.  He is the recipient of the 2008 Teacher of the Year award.

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