Comprehensive computing power breaks through 2T – Windmill creates mining threshold with “new technology + operation”

December 03 21:28 2021

Singapore – Recently, Windmill announced that the computing power system with “new technology+operation” mode has exceeded 2T, successfully creating the “threshold” of mining industry. As a global computing power management platform, Windmill‘s insight penetrated the mining sector after its birth in 2017. The so-called “armament race” no longer focuses on the number of mining machines, but rather has shifted to the configuration logic and upgrade technology of the computing power. As such, Windmill has defined the technical innovation and operation capacity as its top priority over the past four years. It has now realized the heterogeneous configuration of mining machine types and a computing power growth rate of 5P/day for single miner accounts. A total of 7,320 single mining machines achieves a consolidated computing power of up to 2T, taking the lead in the global mining sector.

Then, how has Windmill presented its technical strengths, and how has it stood out in the global mining sector, an arena with the increasingly fierce competition? Today, we will discuss several aspects of this topic:

1. Computing cluster + storage cluster: Heterogeneous models create great monetary value

The cluster architecture of mining machines determines the core performance of a mine. Currently, Windmill has voted for the heterogeneous model cluster, combining AMD and Intel to help accelerate the sealing process and reasonably allocating resources and computing power, so as to achieve cost reduction and profit increase.

The staged operation of heterogeneous models can effectively reduce the use of GPUs, allowing a single GPU node to supply a bigger storage cabinet and relatively reduce the cost of single T. At the same time, the convenience of heterogeneous models means a reduced cost for overall mine scalability in the future.

More than this, Windmill’s technical strengths boast great supply chain advantages. Flexible adjustment of mining machine and hard drive numbers is realized by purchasing at the source of the mining machine supply chain at the lowest market price. The convenience of heterogeneous models means that overall future mine scaling costs are relatively low.

However, the implementation process for heterogeneous clusters also has its limitations, including high level of customization and increased difficulty in operation. Windmill has also actively sought solutions for this issue. As such, it has gathered together top industry operation and maintenance experts, in addition to incubating its own professional operation and maintenance system, so as to ensure the efficient and orderly system operations.

2. Professional operation system: Industry experts + 24/7 service entourage

After selecting a high price-performance ratio heterogeneous computing cluster mode as stated above, Windmill also forged a professional operation system, led by top-ranking industry experts, as this mode demands more professional and sophisticated operation services.

Data shows that Windmill’s technical team operates more than 100,000 mining machines per capita, serving world-leading technology companies, including Meta, Amazon and AlphaGo. Meanwhile, Windmill’s team includes many contributors to the early IPFS codes, and as early as 2018 became an official honorary supporter of IPFS.

This team of technically proficient and experienced experts enables Windmill to deliver 24/7h professional services. Moreover, the mining machine cluster is monitored by a visualization system, which permits the mine to maximize the efficiency and constantly maintain system safety and stability under the help of the professional operation system.


The heterogeneous computing cluster enables Windmill to realize a solution which reasonably allocates high cost-performance computing power based on the hardware system. This top-rated operation service helps Windmill deliver a maximum “accessible” user experience and create an even clearer technical threshold. Windmill will continuously exert its technical and operation advantages during the service process, helping global users to sail with the wind and catch the tide. 

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