Light Plasticity is a new phenomenon in the art of hardstone carving

December 03 20:45 2021
Lapidary – Light Plasticity in Gemstone Carvings: sculptures and figurines.

Quartz “Spaniard” Sculpture

It has been said that women age like good wine. Entering and exiting different stages of body, effervescence, flavor and the effect on all your senses! Such is the case of the beautifully crafted sculpture “Spaniard.” Let’s explore:

Smoky quarts has varied powers attributed to it: assists in bringing your dreams, wants, and desires into reality. Like a wonderful woman?

The ethereal sculpture “Spaniard” by Alexandr Levental was created of smoky quartz in the style of animated light plasticity.* The high relief feminine features are carved in detail – demure and mysterious. The other ‘views’ have polished edges that are like “windows” to the changing inner soul of the woman through the changing crystal’s visual characteristics. Rotating the “window” of the sculpture (as in viewing the changing life of a female) its own unique and varied life is seen.

Like the flame of a candle, the image inside the grotto turns into a smoothly flowing, molten bronze, with a slight tint of old gold. The different images are similar to the feminine statues from ancient myths and legends. Some are symbolic of the eternal movement of light and shadow of life and death, where the metaphor of the image of the “Magic Crystal” is somehow embodied in a real, tangible object. But, your view and imagination are free to ‘taste’ and experience what you will!

But far more emotional than seeing a statue, even the most beautiful. For this ‘portrait’ comes to life as if on a movie screen, evoking feelings, emotions and memories that seem to walk off the silver screen and into your life! The honey Chroma of the smoky quartz breathes new life into this changing woman. Becoming an object of sensual desire and hope. Your senses want the windows to turn and return from youth to full maturity. And back again. Becoming eternal…

Is she young and effervescent? Or well-aged and mature in taste and body? Perhaps, only the “Spaniard” knows?

Quartz Sculpture – Solaris by Pavel Danilovtsev

Solaris is hand made quartz carving based on the novel by Stanislav Lem. Quartz has unique optical properties that neither glass nor plastic have. In this work, this is the effect of “stars.” Crystal is a living organism, it has a soul. The world is inorganic, different from our biological world. Every day we interact with him non-verbally (without words). The interaction of two souls, a crystal and an artist, in symbiosis creates objects that cannot be calculated only by human logic. In this work, stone and man are the guides of the Creator, the Universe… Our mind is used to clinging to something familiar, famous. By habit, it can begin to look for specifics, certainty, what can be called words. The composition “Solaris” offers to plunge deep into itself and go beyond the boundaries of one’s own perception. There are no specific images in Solaris, only unobtrusive hints. The viewer sees individual images in the resonance of the soul and mind.

Solaris Carving is the big mirror to the inner story of our soul.

*Light plasticity is a new phenomenon in the art of stone carving. In sculpture made of transparent crystals the change in luminous flux creates many other nuances and manifestations of light.

1. Animation – Light penetrates through the rotating crystal sculpture, and the illusion of movement within the stone appears. The image seems to come to life.

2. Silhouette – A sculpture of primitive style, made of matte crystal, the light turns into a brighter image, where the main means of the image is the contour of the object.

3. Light and Shadow Combine – Of white and black crystals in a single composition. They create a contrast between the two poles that give the sculpture a special graphic significance.

4. Light and Color – The combination of colored transparent elements creates a painterly effect. Mixing light-color streams change the sculptural plasticity of the art object, complementing and strengthening the original intention of the artist.

5. Cryptography – Hidden meanings often appear in the abstract sculptural style of works made of crystals. Random images created by the viewer’s subconscious can be supplemented by the deliberate introduction by the artist, of other implicit drawings and symbols. Giving them sacred significance and meaning.

Please watch and enjoy the video below, – light plasticity in the gemstone sculpture.

Made by nature, polished by the best gemstone carvers in the world. Specially for You.

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