Didier Sornette talks the major global risks and how to deal with them

December 02 18:08 2021

Prof. Didier Sornette, a world-renowned economist and Professor and Chair of Entrepreneurial Risks at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETH Zurich), says in an interview that the growing wealth gap between the rich and the poor has become the largest threat and risk in Western democratic societies, chiefly among them the United States.


The hightlight of the interview has been uploaded on the official page of Global View on Youtube.

Global View is an platform dedicated to inviting opinion leaders in many fields such as global politics, business, culture, and economy, etc, to speak through the Internet platform to discuss important issues affecting the world and promote the world to develop in a better direction.

Prof. Didier Sornette is a world-renowned expert and Member of Academia Europaea, Member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences. His reseraches are based on the hypothesis that most extreme risks (and gains), and was regarded as the one of the best risk forecast master.

During this interview, Prof.Didier Sornette shared his predictions on several important global risks, including climate change, financial system, political system, gap between rich and poor, etc.

Prof. Didier Sornette focused on the influence of the political system on the world. There are various problems in Western countries today. The root cause is that the democratic systems of these countries are not the same. The democratic systems of some countries have not kept pace with the times and have cultivated mature voters. This has led to election results that cannot solve the real problems.

His suggestion is to return to the origin of the system, learn from the spirit of the ancient Greek system, truly cultivate mature voters, elect responsible leaders, and lead everyone in a better direction.

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