Survivor Filter – The Company Making Clean Water Accessible Wherever One May Be

December 02 20:30 2021

Survivor Filter provides a fresh, reliable way to ensure any-time access to humanity’s greatest resource. Entering the market in 2014, the Ontario-based company has grown from strength to strength with a record-breaking 2020-2021 year, driven by a tight focus on customer service and a world-class product.

Born out of the global water crisis, Founder and creator Mark Zakaib saw the need for greater technology and access to clean drinking water during his time as a military consultant in war-torn regions throughout the world. Deciding he could be the difference he sought in the world and with plenty of time and research, Survivor Filter was born. Shortly after, the world’s first portable filtration system came into being.

Fast forward to today, and with products varying from filtration water bottles and hydration packs through to electric pumps, Survivor Filter covers all scenarios that one could find themselves in. Whether it’s hiking in areas where an extra layer of assurance is needed or overseas travel in areas where water is a rare and valuable commodity.

Firmly positioned as the world leader in portable water filtration devices, the Survivor Filter team invests a large amount of their time and energy into ensuring their products are at the forefront of technological advances. Their filtration devices for example use unparalleled nanofiltration technology, each device utilizing a triple-filter protection system made of 3 separate layers: the Pre-Filter, the Carbon Filter, and the Ultra Filter. Each filter is specifically designed and optimized to filter certain types of contamination. When combined together, the triple-filter protection system provides more filtration power than any other filter in the market, many times over.

But having the best product in the world is not the sole reason for Survivor Filters’ success. The team at Survivor Filter agree that listening to what their customers want has been the key to their success. Founder Zakaib says “Unlike our competitors, we encourage you to call us or message us with all questions, comments, and concerns. Even if you call us and are looking for a product that does not fit what we offer, we will guide you on what’s out there to make the best decisions for yourself and your families.”

Zakaib believes that the company was created not just to provide clean water, but to educate. “More than just selling water filters, our goal is to educate and provide support for those looking for the right tools to enhance their outdoor activities, adventures and protect themselves and their families from water emergencies.”

Survivor Filter is a company with a purpose. A purpose that is being fulfilled day by day with the sale of every new filtration device. This ethical purpose alongside their focus on customer satisfaction and a leading product show that their recent success is not random, but carefully orchestrated – and their upward trajectory is likely to continue on upwards.

For those interested in their products, shop their range at and get free shipping to the US, UK or Canada. All products come with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

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