BetterMedia Helps Small Businesses Get More Out of Their Digital Marketing Campaigns

December 02 06:27 2021
Mobile Optimized Landing Pages Paired With Advanced Phone and Form Tracking Tools Capture Leads Like a Steel Trap.

DECEMBER 1, 2021 – Every day, paid listings take up more and more space on search engine results pages. Given that search engines only make money when users click on paid ads, this trend will surely continue into the foreseeable future.

SEO is not dead, but with organic listings pushed below the fold and out of site, businesses must rely on paid media campaigns to bring more qualified visitors to their sites.

As competition continues to increase, the cost of paid media campaigns increases right along with it, so advertisers must be vigilant to do everything possible to increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Many businesses employ digital marketing agencies that are sufficiently competent at driving qualified traffic to their sites. However, many ending up losing an unacceptable amount of leads and sales due to suboptimal post-click experiences.

The first culprit is bad landing pages, especially on mobile devices, which make up the majority of campaign traffic. BetterMedia provides side-swipeable, app-like mobile landing pages that are optimized for the short attention spans of today’s mobile phone user. A/B testing, ultra-fast load times, and an array of other features maximize conversion rates and reduce cost per acquisition.

The second culprit is neglected leads. Not only do many businesses fail to respond to form submissions in a timely fashion, but they also miss a shocking number of phone calls. Measurement is key. Only when phone calls and form submissions are thoroughly tracked does this glaring issue become apparent. In addition to offering managed phone and form tracking tools, BetterMedia also provides solutions for website leads to be instantly contacted automatically via text message after a form submission or after a missed phone call has been detected. Successfully rescuing just one single lead could pay for these inexpensive tools for years.

The digital marketing landscape is tough. Cost per click is high, attention spans are short, and competitors are never more than a couple clicks away. BetterMedia has the tools to help growing businesses capture more leads and prevent them from slipping away.

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