Indulge in the Taste and Culture of Central Asia at the Dolan Uyghur Restaurant

December 02 02:28 2021
Founder Hamid Kerim is bringing the most delicious meals to Washington D.C. and Chantilly VA.

No matter where people are, despite the differences in culture and beliefs, food is always something that brings everyone together. Every person has memories and affection for their favorite dish, especially if it is one that reminds them of their home and heritage. Food is not just something that provides people with sustenance, it is a story to tell. And that is why the Dolan Uyghur Restaurant decided to bring memories of Uyghur cuisine to Washington D.C. and Chantilly VA.

Founded by Hamid Kerim in December 2016, the Dolan Uyghur Restaurant is ready to serve brilliant meals prepared in distinctive, Halal and Central Asian style. When asked what he wants people to remember most about their dishes, this is what he had to say, “We are committed to preserving a wide variety of dishes that capture the unique flavors – and culture – of the Uyghur people.” More than the food, they want their customers to discover the culture and count memories with them.

The food at the Dolan Uyghur Restaurant is fresh, healthy, and delicious. Their daily menu includes bestsellers like Samsa, a classic Uyghur street food stuffed with lamb and onions, and Korma Chop, an all-time favorite dish which consists of hand pulled, stir-fried noodles and spices topped with one’s choice of protein, ranging from chicken, lamb, and shrimp.

They also have Chicken and Lamb Kebab, which are flame roasted and topped with generous amounts of cumin, and Manta Dumplings stuffed with either lamb or pumpkin. And finally, they offer the popular entree, Hot Chicken Stew, known for its hearty and delicious flavors.

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For the past five years, the Dolan Uyghur Restaurant has continued to improve its menu, as well as its customer service. Every dish they serve is carefully prepared by their chef who strongly believes that delicious food is at the heart of traditional Uyghur life. There are not enough words to describe the full experience at the Dolan Uyghur Restaurant, and numerous customer reviews can attest to how exceptionally Uyghur the experience is.

According to one Google review, “The staff is super friendly and gave great recommendations. Food was exceptional, and the atmosphere was also amazing. Recommend everyone to at least try this place once.” Another review, this time from Yelp, described the Dolan Uyghur Restaurant as “A very good restaurant. Great service and great food. Very different and tasty food. We tried butter naan, fried tofu and Korma. Each item was very delicious. Highly recommend this place.”

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About Dolan Uyghur Restaurant

Dolan Uyghur Restaurant is a restaurant founded by Hamid Kerim that serves Halal and Central Asian Style dishes. They have branches in Washington D.C. and Chantilly VA.

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