Fishing Wellness Initiative GFF Gets a Big Bite of Support

December 01 18:06 2021
Big Bite Baits x Lunkerville Champion the Mental Health Benefits of Recreational Fishing

New York, NY – Get Folks Fishing Foundation (GFF), the outdoors wellness initiative launched by Lunkerville creator Michael de Avila at ICAST 2021, welcomes Big Bite Baits (BBB) as its inaugural industry benefactor.  BBB, one of the largest bait brands in America, has partnered with the long-running TV series, Lunkerville, in support of GFF’s mission to help promote the mental health and social wellness benefits of recreational fishing.


“We at Big Bite Baits are so thrilled to partner with Mike de Avila and Lunkerville to Get Folks Fishing.”, says Tammy Montgomery Foshee of BBB.  “As anglers, we know that fishing has long-lasting health benefits for both mental and physical wellness. Lunkerville has long been an outstanding representative of the everyday angler, and by partnering with GFF, is matching our goal of introducing more people to the wonderful sport of fishing.”

“According to RBFF’s (Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation) 2021 Special Report on Fishing, 83% of people over the age of 6 in the US don’t fish. That’s a lot of people who could benefit from all that fishing has to offer.”, says de Avila.  “Technology has led a lot of us to develop unhealthy relationships with our devices.  Life seems to speed by so quickly, it’s not always easy to escape to a calm place.  Fishing offers that pause away from the clutter.  Whether you’re about the tranquility and mindfulness that comes with fishing on your own, or the companionship of fishing with friends… or maybe you just need a way to bridge the gap with a family member who doesn’t share your opinions.  Fishing delivers all that and so much more.” 

GFF’s media outreach efforts include the nationally broadcast Lunkerville TV series and the popular Lunkerville Facebook page, which celebrates everyday anglers passionate about the satisfaction, joy and also challenges of recreational fishing.  BBB will partner with Lunkerville to produce instructional videos for new anglers, with all the knowledge they need to rig and fish different baits. The entertaining and informative how-to segments will compliment Lunkerville’s easygoing, lifestyle-centric documentary style.

Big Bite Baits will also provide fishing tackle to GFF for Club Lunkerville, the flagship program for GFF that coordinates with community leaders throughout the USA and Canada to develop angling programs for adults as well as kids.

“We’re so grateful to Big Bite Baits and Tammy for helping spearhead our mission to get folks fishing,” continues de Avila.  “Their high-quality lures make it easy to catch that first fish, capture the excitement of the experience, and create those milestone memories.”

About Lunkerville

When Indie film director Michael de Avila hooked his passion for story telling onto his love of fishing, he spawned the documentary fishing series Lunkerville: The show that features real people with real fish stories.  Since 2004, host ‘Mike D’ has been casting his line at everyday, recreational anglers, traveling to their secret spots, sharing their special techniques and making them the expert stars of the day.  In his signature laid-back manner, he reels in the camaraderie, the fun and the fish.  Lunkerville also hosts one of the most popular Facebook pages for an outdoors TV show.  With over half-a-million fan followers, guests are chosen directly from Lunkerville’s Facebook group to be on the TV program.

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About Big Bite Baits

Big Bite offers a wide range of plastics and jig heads for the bass, panfish, walleye and saltwater markets.  The highest quality components and a proprietary plastic formula make the Big Bite products the best available at the lowest retail prices.  Big Bite is a family-owned business that still makes many of its products in the USA.  

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