Shawn Fair Chooses Powerhouse Speaker Lakia Crutchfield to Join His Leadership Experience Tour

December 01 21:45 2021
Shawn Fair Chooses Powerhouse Speaker Lakia Crutchfield to Join His Leadership Experience Tour

Vision drives people forward. Pulling out all the stops without a vision of one’s desired future to guide their endeavors may lead them astray. However, individuals must recognize the fact that having a dream is one thing and materializing that is an entirely different story. They have to contend with the harsh reality that vision is not enough to reach impressive heights. One has to go through a seemingly endless string of obstacles that not only test the strength of their desire to climb the summits of success but also challenge their will to go beyond and rise above. Highly cognizant of the many adversities that one must face before gaining the unparalleled ability to materialize their goal, Shawn Fair is now capitalizing on his expansive knowledge and extensive experiences to maneuver people toward the life that they want. 

Shawn Fair is the brilliant mind behind the Leadership Experience Tour Program, a highly exclusive club for speakers dedicated to motivating individuals to thrive and get ahead. It materializes visions and sparks actions, transforming lives to create a better world. By continuing to deliver its promise of strengthening others through its incredible roster of leaders, Shawn Fair introduces Lakia Crutchfield, a changemaker whose passion lies in making a difference among those who continue to thrive in this dog-eat-dog world.

Like most trailblazing individuals, Lakia Crutchfield has set her eyes on greatness. Ever since she dipped her toes into her craft, this emerging power player has been gracing the scenes with her brilliant mind, passionate spirit, and persevering attitude. On a mission to launch others to greater heights, Lakia brings a fresh perspective on influence, equipping people with the tools necessary to continue thriving in a fast-growing and ever-evolving world.

By persevering and clinging tightly to a vision that she aims to come to fruition, this dutiful wife, mother, educator, and growth mindset and communication expert creates a foolproof three-step plan that assists people in making decisions throughout their lifetime. Through this trailblazing pursuit, Lakia Crutchfield seeks to carve success-enabling paths for dreamers and go-getters around the world.

Throughout her career, Lakia Crutchfield has managed to establish a name for herself through the successes she has delivered among her clients. As a matter of fact, this brilliant changemaker has spoken in a wide variety of engagements, cementing a reputable stance across the world. On top of that, she has also been featured in countless media outlets, such as Fox News and NBC News.

In five years, Lakia Crutchfield aims to launch herself to greater heights, helping various individuals achieve success in both personal and professional worlds. “I see myself in several nationally known stages, driving change among people’s lives,” she shared.

Being a part of Shawn Fair’s incredible roster of speakers, Lakia Crutchfield takes the next step in materializing her purpose-driven vision. Through their collaboration, she hopes to spark action and impact lives while inspiring the next generation of changemakers to pour their hearts into their crafts and persevere.

To know more about Lakia Crutchfield, you may visit her website.

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