Knives Out… How Jake Ochave’s Summer Job with The Virginia Titan Division Landed Him a Scholarship and Financial Freedom

December 01 04:18 2021
The UVA McIntire School of Commerce Student Began Working at Vector Marketing and The Virginia Titan Division in the Summer of 2020 — Now He Is On the Path to Make His Dreams of Running a Non-Profit a Reality

They say if you follow your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life. On the contrary; find your passion and you will never work harder and with more passion to bring a purpose-driven vision to fruition. For young entrepreneur Jake Ochave, he never thought he would be working a remote job where he sells kitchen cutlery, but that one small step opened up a world of opportunity that would set Jake’s passion on fire. In the summer of 2020, Jake was referred by his friend Alex Antonio for a remote job with The Virginia Titan Division, the Virginia division offices of Vector Marketing. 

Now, selling Cutco Cutlery was not exactly a typical summer job for Jake, but he took the opportunity to work remotely and make some extra income throughout the summer. Working completely remote and on his terms, Jake was empowered to discover his talent for sales and his  natural ability to connect with others despite having to conduct every meeting virtually and being an introvert. Since Jake started at Virginia Titan, he has made over $85,000 in sales, $20,000 in the summer of 2021 alone. 

“I love being able to determine my own paycheck week to week and being compensated based on my own performance. On top of that, I am able to determine my own work schedule and allocate time to other things outside of Vector that I feel passionate about.” – Jake Ochave

Not only did he discover the skills within himself to set him on a path towards financial freedom at a young age, but he also found a like-minded community dedicated to each other’s success. In his time with The Virginia Titan Division, Jake Ochave has won three All American Scholarships to further champion the work he will be doing for years to come. 

Jake is extremely passionate about helping others and has plans to head up a non-profit organization to help those struggling with anxiety and other mental health disorders upon graduating in 2023. The Finance & IT with Tracks in Entrepreneurship and Real Estate student is taking the skills, tools, and resources gained at Virginia Titan to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the mental health community.

“With my time in Vector, there have been many moments where I have been challenged and pushed beyond my limits. They have helped me realize a vision for myself and instilled in me that I can do. Goals I thought I would not be able to accomplish in 10 years can now be accomplished in less than a year. Vector has taught me the importance of putting effort in your work as well as in building genuine relationships. Vector has served as a catalyst for my future success.” -Jake Ochave

One summer job selling cutlery was all it took to ignite a fire within Jake Ochave. As he continues in his studies he plans to stay at Vector Marketing and The Virginia Titan Division selling Cutco Cutlery to support the framework of his calling. 

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The Virginia Titan Division is the Virginia division of Vector Marketing, a cutting-edge marketing agency dedicated to working hand-in-hand with college students to provide steady work and unlimited opportunities as the marketing arm of Cutco Cutlery. As the largest student work organization in North America, Vector Marketing partners with local schools to create a seamless remote work experience that works with any school schedule. Students work as remote customer sales and service representatives. Students get paid to set and conduct virtual meetings with potential clients to introduce the unparalleled quality of Cutco. Virginia Titan has harnessed a reputation for helping go-getter students stand out, earn scholarships and internships, and fast-track their path towards a successful future.





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