Anthill Forest: A New Bedtime Story Of Two Little Ants And Their Adventures

December 01 00:27 2021
Published by Olympia Publishers, the book is available on Amazon US and UK

Spain – Anthill Forest is a new bedtime story by Christian Cortez Campos, based in Spain, released in English in 2021. The heart-touching tale follows the journey of two ants: Littleant and Naughtyant, in the big wide world. Published in Danish first and later in English, the author wants children to achieve great things in life by believing in themselves. 

“Children tend to develop a special connection with storybooks, especially the bedtime stories they are read every night. Anthill Forest is a collection of stories that I have told my daughters during bedtime for a few years now. My goal was to tell her that she can achieve anything in life if she believes in herself and not to pay attention to people saying – she can’t do something. That is the whole premise of Anthill Forest, too,” said Christian Cortez Campos, author of Anthill Forest.

Anthill Forest has two main characters – Littleant and Naughtyant and two supporting characters, Mr. Snail and Bee. The two ants live an everyday life in Anthill Forest but want to see the world, make new friends, things that ants never do. Littleant is the one who wants to go outside Anthill and discover the world but is nervous about all the dangers and the unknown. Naughtyant is the little brother of Littleant, who also wants to embark on new adventures and explore new things. They both are enthusiastic and like to try new things in the world.

The author uses #EvenThoughYouAreSmallYouCanDoGreatthings in his book as he believes that children should believe in themselves wholeheartedly. As parents, we should encourage them to do what they genuinely want and not because it is ‘normal.’ Children should feel empowered, which is the message this book seeks to deliver.

“Sometimes, as adults, we underestimate the retention power of children. They are like sponges. Therefore, it is essential to share these important life lessons early on. Through regular reiteration, it gets built into their conscience and stays with them longer.” Noted Christian. “The idea of Anthill Forest came from my day-to-day life. I didn’t think that it would translate into a children’s book, but I’m excited that my message is going around the world through my book,” he added.

The book was first published in Danish in June 2021 by a publisher in Denmark, and later in September 2021, it was published in English by Olympia Publishers. The book has reached a wider audience and is now available on Olympia’s website, Amazon UK, and Amazon US.

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Book Name: Anthill Forest

Author: Christian Cortez Campos

Country: Spain

About the author

Christian Cortez Campos was born in Denmark and is currently settled in Malaga, Spain for the last 13 years. He worked in an international BPO provider since 2009, his last assignment as a Managing Director of the company’s Malaga division. During Covid-19, a lot of things changed, and he was let go of his position in the company. It was during that time he attempted to document the story of two ants in a form of a Children’s book. Within a few months, the book was published in Denmark and a few months later, it got published in English. Christian has two more books ready to be published. 

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