New Book, ‘Frogville, Quest of a Frog’ Turns the Fairytale on Its Head with a Fun Twist and an Exciting Adventure

November 30 14:30 2021
New Book, ‘Frogville, Quest of a Frog' Turns the Fairytale on Its Head with a Fun Twist and an Exciting Adventure
Author Sharla J. Frost begins a trilogy of children’s books with an enchanting tale in ‘Frogville, Quest of a Frog’.

Frogville, Quest of a Frog, a new book by author Sharla J. Frost, turns the traditional fairytale on its head. In the town of Frogville, all boys are turned into frogs on their 13th birthday because of a curse on the town. The only way to be freed from the curse is to kiss a person of royal blood. That’s just the way it has always been, until twins Lily and Crucus’s 13th birthday.

When Lily and Crucus turn 13, Lily turns into the frog, instead of her brother! Lily must then set out on the traditional quest to free herself from the curse.

Bestselling author Crystal Dwyer Hansen said, “Frogville is pure magic, a wonderful story for every age! Frogs are my new best friends.”

The New York Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen, said, “Frogville is an enchanting tale, full of imagination and charm. Frost has given us what is sure to become an instant children’s classic, a story for the child in us all.”

Frost grew up in Frogville, Oklahoma. She had a very successful law career before retiring to raise cattle and write books. She is the former President of Litigation Counsel of America and an active member of the National Association of Women Lawyers. Frost is also the author of POWER AT THE TABLE: Guide to Gaining Clients and Control – The Law Firm Marketing Maverick Teaches How to Develop Your Own Book of Business, a book that shows female lawyers how to rip the lid off what they thought was the limit to their success.

Today, most of Frost’s days are spent herding cats and cows. She thinks dragons are simply frogs who have grown wings and flown away. Oh, yes. Children are her favorite people in the world.

Frogville is the first book in a trilogy and was published by Beyond Publishing. The book is currently available on Amazon in hardcover and paperback.  Frost’s first book, Power at the Table, also with Beyond Publishing, was a best-seller.

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