CounselOne P.C. Provides a Team of Experienced Attorneys to Recover Settlements for Employees with Unpaid Lunch Break Lawsuits

November 30 07:33 2021
CounselOne P.C. Provides a Team of Experienced Attorneys to Recover Settlements for Employees with Unpaid Lunch Break Lawsuits
CounselOne PC, a firm with top employment law lawyers, offers legal services for lunch breaks violation to employees of various companies. 

As a consumer protection and employment law firm, CounselOne P.C. represents clients throughout the United States in a wide range of cases, including background checks, unwanted telemarketing calls, false advertising, unwanted robocalls, among others. The firm has a team of practiced attorneys who are versed in several areas of employment law. These include missed meal periods/rest breaks, late payment of wages and commissions, minimum wage rights, unpaid internships, reimbursements, and more. 

Answering a query, CounselOne P.C.’s spokesperson commented, “At CounselOne P.C., we have handled various claims for our clients successfully. Your rights are what we focus on, and we ensure to protect them in the best ways possible. In our employ are just the best employment lawyers in California; they are fully committed, well-informed, and highly experienced. With their skills and experience, their first goal is to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve, hence, we only charge clients until this has been achieved. We have recovered millions of dollars as settlements for our clients, and this has made us recognized throughout California for our quality representation services.”

The employment law services offered by CounselOne P.C. are provided for employees who are unusually working during rest break periods or fail to go for lunch. This happens amongst employees because they get occupied with work, so much that they have no option than to manage a sandwich on one hand and operate their computer on the other hand. Based on legal standards, employees are free and fully allowed to take meal breaks with no restrictions, and they are also allowed to leave the premises of their workplace to do so. Employees who therefore have their rights violated about unpaid lunch break laws can get in touch with CounselOne.

The spokesperson further added, “By the Californian law, salary and hourly earners are permitted to go on paid rest breaks and unpaid meal breaks during working days. After the initial five hours of work, employees in this category are entitled to go on a 30-minutes unpaid meal break. Also, they deserve extra thirty minutes of unpaid meal breaks if they have to work for more than ten hours. It is, therefore, the duty of employers to ensure that their employees go on their meal breaks on time and all the time.”

At CounselOne P.C., they provide clients with free consultation services for matters as regards lunch breaks, as skipping lunch breaks could also lead to overtime at work for which employees would receive no extra payment. For such employee lunch breaks law violations, employees deserve to receive compensation, and at CounselOne, they have trusted lawyers for these lawsuits. 

About CounselOne P.C.:

CounselOne P.C. is a law firm in California that offers legal representation for employment and consumer protection cases. The firm also specializes in both individual and class-action employment lawsuits. Thus, employees on the lookout for an attorney that deals in employment law for lunch breaks can contact CounselOne.

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