TopNotch FitQueens making waves with new state-of-the-art tummy bands

November 30 07:20 2021
TopNotch FitQueens is helping people to get in shape faster and more effectively with high-end fitness gears and group fitness classes by leading fitness experts.

Canton, Mississippi – November 29, 2021 – A local fitness product store, TopNotch FitQueens, is raging a storm in the fitness gear scene of late. Founded by leading group fitness instructor Britney Brent, the company has recently launched a new advanced tummy band which has been reigning as the #1 bestseller of the store for the last few months straight. Titled “Double Strap Neoprene Shapers”, the tummy band is an exclusive fitness accessory which has been strategically designed to enhance the user’s workout results and efficacy. 

In an exclusive interview, Britney shared that the tummy band is designed to be worn around the waist which helps to increase body temperature that eventually burns down more calories. The band is intelligently designed to suit all women figures and can be adjusted easily, thanks to its 6 segmented hook and loop fasteners. Also, woven from premium quality latex and polyester, the band is resilient and eco-friendly. 

“We are elated to see the overwhelming response received by our new advanced tummy band. Based on advanced technology, this black latex tummy compression belt fits snugly around your waist and helps to burn down the unwanted calories, rewarding you with a toned and perfectly shaped midsection”, stated Britney.

“We also assure you of a stable and sturdy elasticity – the band has successfully passed 10,000 elastic tests.” 

Added to the new tummy band, TopNotch FitQueens is also bustling with many other advanced fitness gears and accessories. These include Calorie Jump Rope, High Waist Butt Trainers, Sweat Suits and so on. Another major product from the store is Double Strap Waist Shapers. Made of Neoprene-embossed design, the shaper helps to induce heavy sweating which eventually aids in faster burn of unwanted fat. workout.

Apart from wearables, the store offers motivational water bottles featuring inspirational quotes to keep users motivated on their weight loss journey. Another bestseller from Britney’s inventory is hot sweat gel. 

“We have toning products for almost every part of your body that stores stubborn fat. You will love our versatile variety of products that enables you to choose a workout wearable or an accessory as per your particular preferences. You can always choose our wearables like High Waist Butt Trainers or Sweat Suits but if you want something different, you can try out another bestseller Calorie Jump Rope or hot sweat gel.” 

Speaking on, Britney revealed that TopNotch FitQueens was inspired by her own weight loss journey.

“I used to be 275 pounds once and that was scary. I knew I had to change my lifestyle and it’s then that I got interested in healthy living, regular workout, and smart eating. As of now, my current weight is 180 pounds. It has been a long tough journey but every bit of it was worth it. Now, I want to inspire others to get into shape with my group fitness classes and premier TopNotch FitQueens fitness gears.”

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