New Self-Publishing Course Available from Kninja Style Business

November 29 20:45 2021
A Video Course That Teaches Self-Publishing Success.

November 29, 2021 – Kninja Style Business released a new video-based self-publishing course, Publishing Superstars, which was created by a man who goes by the pseudonym Kninja who has been publishing books online full-time for 5+ years.

Publishing Superstars teaches Kninja’s full-process for publishing success, like how to select good niches that have low competition but are in demand, how to select good keywords so books can more easily be found by readers, tricks to writing quickly using non-standardized practices such as voice-to-text software or artificial intelligence, how to outsource books to ghostwriters at inexpensive rates, how to create or outsource book covers for ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks, how to format books quickly in ebook and paperback formats, how to produce audiobooks from start to finish, where the best marketplaces are to upload completed books, as well as all the other tricks of the publishing trade.

The course includes 44 video-based lessons in total that go over 5+ hours in length, and it comes with a community where publishing-related questions can be asked or discussed.

Kninja Style Business sees Publishing Superstars as the most advanced and complete self-publishing course to have ever been made, and hopes the strategies contained inside will help clients to realize their self-publishing dreams.

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