Why Some Websites Don’t Work: Five Things an Effective Website Has, According to Purpose Branding

November 19 04:53 2021
Find out how businesses can build a website that gets actual results.

A common mistake that most brands and companies make is using their websites to talk more about themselves and how great they are, rather than telling customers what they can offer to solve their problems and make their lives better. When the truth is, having a website can be a great marketing tool if used purposefully.

“Clarify your message and customers will listen,” says the marketing experts at Purpose Branding. “Your website should be your salesperson that works 24/7.”

According to Purpose Branding, having a beautifully designed website is not enough to get results. For a website to be effective, it must have these 5 things:

1. A strong and clear header statement about what the customer wants and a clear and concise statement of the products they offer.

2. A direct and obvious call to action to accept or reject, positioned at the top right of the website, repeated right below the header, and ultimately throughout the page in a different color, size, or shape.

3. A problem statement talking about what’s at stake if customers didn’t buy the product or service.

4. A value proposition that lists the benefits of buying the product or service and how it can make customers’ lives better.

5. An easy three- to five-step plan on how to buy or use the product or service.

Incorporating these 5 things into a website can help businesses stand out and increase sales and revenue. But to those who are still struggling with their websites or in need of professional help in making one, Purpose Branding can build an amazing website at an affordable price – offering everything from website design and copywriting review to marketing strategy development.

For more information about Purpose Branding, visit their website at http://www.purposebranding.net/.

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