Sustainability In Packaging: Affordability And Innovation Go Hand-In-Hand For Greener Brands

November 16 21:33 2021
Making the change to eco-friendly packaging is paramount, but implementing greener products and practices must be done with realistic affordability in mind.

As drastic environmental changes grip the planet, the population is calling on large corporations and industries to make necessary changes. Individual citizens can switch to reusable cups, bags, and more as much as they’d like – and there’s no doubt that those changes do make a small difference – but it’s becoming glaringly evident that the weight of the climate crisis, catalyzed by various forms of pollution, falls upon much larger entities than an everyday consumer. It falls upon those that produce harmful emissions, that dump waste in fragile ecosystems, and that create (primarily plastic) single-use items like food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and other packaging. That’s where brands like Green Earth Packaging come in.

As can be gleaned from their name, Green Earth Packaging is a company that makes and sources sustainably-minded, eco-friendly packaging for a wide variety of industries, including those that most notoriously contribute to single-use plastic waste. But Green Earth isn’t just calling upon those industries to change their ways by opting for fancy-schmancy eco-friendly boxes and bottles – they’re making environmentally-friendly packaging available to everyone, from family-owned businesses to international corporations. While the latter of those two business types could certainly afford the fanciest eco-friendly packaging on the planet, Green Earth isn’t interested in the luxurious side of this – they’re interested in spreading their message far and wide, in getting better everyday by working collectively with product manufactures and consumers, and in making a genuine difference in the packaging industry.

What’s interesting and innovative about Green Earth, however, is how they put a focus not only on sourcing newer forms of eco-friendly packaging such as biodegradable packaging, but they also went back to the basics to identify long-existing packaging that’s already decently sustainable. Glass jars, for instance, have been around for over a century and are now a staple in innumerable industries, but primarily food and cosmetics. When handled correctly, glass jars are durable, easily sanitized, easily made airtight with the right caps, 100% reusable, and endlessly recyclable. They’re easy to customize with labels and then the labels are easy to take off with the right supplies. They’re timeless, functional, beautiful, and simple, and Green Earth is thrusting them (and other similar, seemingly basic products) into the sustainable packaging spotlight.

Alongside those classic containers, Green Earth also emphasizes the importance of seeking newer alternatives to past packaging materials, particularly single-use plastic that can’t be recycled. The forward-thinking company sources plant-based containers, biodegradable plastic tubes, 100% recyclable mylar bags, and numerous other innovative takes on the old ways of packaging. They even carry reclaimed ocean plastic tubes and jar lids (which are also fully recyclable after use)!

From the basics to the brilliantly clever, Green Earth is bringing the past of harmful packaging into a brighter, greener future while offering other large companies a helping hand in doing the same. Making the switch to eco-friendly packaging, which makes a massive difference in the climate crisis, is getting a whole lot easier thanks to brands like Green Earth.

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