First-ever Barbeque Cookware winning hearts, showered with rave reviews from customers

November 12 15:57 2021
Talon Claw Cookware has invented first-ever and safest, and most versatile Barbeque cookware in the current culinary market.

Saint James, NY – November 11, 2021 – No more struggles with burning hot handles while cooking on Barbeque. A Long Island-based inventor has recently launched a patented cast-iron pan with removable handle which is the first and only cookware for Barbeque. Launched under the brand “Talon Claw Cookware”, the new cutting-edge cookware is the first burn-free cast-iron skillet. 

The Talon Claw Cookware has been embraced widely by a large number of users and the cookware set is bustling with a long line of rave reviews and ratings. 

These extremely high quality cast iron pans are so versatile, the possibilities are endless. Setting up your multi-dish BBQ menu is a snap with these bad boys. Keeps the cooking moving and allows for so much more action on the grill! I have 4 of the pans, but the more you have the more options!” – Paolo C. 

Finally a cast-iron pan without the handle to bring yourself… The pans nest into each other no bulky handles to get in the way… I know now all the heat stays in the pan not in the handle! No more rags mittens or pie holders needed… love love!” – Gregory K. 


In an exclusive interview, the Talon Claw Cookware inventor shared that what separates his patented cast-iron pan from the regular ones is its innovative design of “removable handle”. Regular cast-iron pans come with attached handles. As a result, when the pan heats up, the handle heats up simultaneously. And a heated handle poses serious burn risks for the users.  

But, with Talon Claw Cookware, users can remove and attach the handle from/with the pan as per their specific needs. They might choose to remove the handle from the pan while cooking on Barbeque and then attach it only when they have to take out the pan from the barbeque. This prevents the handle from getting heated up, making it easier and safer for users to take the pan out without burn risks. 

“We have come up with the safest cast-iron skillet in the market today. Cast-iron pans usually have a handle casted with the pan but mine has a very unique handle that attaches freely and easily with the pan. This way, our innovative patented cookware prevents burn injury risks, assuring the safest and more convenient Barbeque cooking experience for the users”, stated the man behind the state-of-the-art Talon Claw Cookware.  

While asked about the inspiration behind Talon Claw Cookware, the inventor mentioned the lack of availability of Barbeque cookware that could provide a safe and easy cooking experience on Barbeque. After an extensive search across the market for years when he couldn’t find a compatible solution, he decided to invent the first-ever and safest Barbeque cookware all by himself.  So, after 5 years of experiments and trials, Talon Claw Cookware was born.  

The inventor received the patent last year during the pandemic. 

Speaking on, the inventor stressed that Talon Claw Cookware is a versatile cookware, designed for the 21st century culinary scene. Although the cookware has been originally invented for Barbeque cooking, it is compatible with other cooking mediums as well, including, cooktop, grill, stove, open fire pits, and so on.  

“Our Talon Claw Cookware is safe, easy to use, and extremely versatile. Apart from Barbeque, you can use it on other cooking mediums as well. I am delighted to see that our users have loved the product and I am grateful to them for acknowledging our hard work with such lovely words.”

Users can buy the Talon Claw Pan and the Talon Claw Set (with handle) separately.

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