Punch Digital Agency Ventures into AI/ML Model Development and Automation

November 11 03:27 2021
Punch Digital Agency Ventures into AI/ML Model Development and Automation
Punch Digital Agency goes on an automation frenzy creating models to streamline internal processes and offer clients unique solutions.

Punch Digital Agency has always been on the cutting edge of technological advancements and as such, were early adopters of the GPT-3 platform that allows for unprecedented natural language A.I model development.

Punch has been able to utilize the GPT-3 natural language platform in ways that its creators could not have imagined. Internal processes such as cleanup of unstructured data that usually took hours are now a matter of minutes and seconds.

Punch is hopeful that in the coming year, they’ll find more creative ways to streamline internal processes and help clients to reach new heights with this technological breakthrough. 

Although GPT-3 can be classified as “just” a natural language platform, the work Punch has done with it continues to show the potential it has and can have in the future.

Punch founder had this to say when we asked him about the AI work they have been doing over Punch: 

“First developing A.I model for stock trading for Numin.com, we’ve now created a dozen A.I model to streamline and automate data formatting to customer acquisition prediction; stay tuned – there’s more in store very, very soon.” – Verdi Ergun

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