Latina immigrant revolutionizing higher education in America with affordable practical skill-based certification courses

November 11 02:18 2021
Majesty Academy helping graduates to pass out with employability opportunities with practical skill-based and affordable digital marketing ad social media marketing certification programs

Los Angeles, CA – November 10, 2021 – A dynamic Latina immigrant, Alejandra Hurtado, is changing the face of higher education in the USA through her fast rising digital marketing academy, Majesty Academy. The academy is dedicated to provide an affordable and accessible online certification program on digital marketing that has been strategically designed to help students find quality employment after the completion of the course.  

A leading digital marketing educator and expert, Alejandra holds a Bachelors in Marketing from Cal State-East Bay and a Masters in Digital Marketing from Golden Gate University. She also holds years of experience in teaching digital marketing. 

The traditional high education scene in America is marred with two major problems. One is lack of employment opportunities among graduates, despite their high-ed degree. As per the figures released by Education data, around 4 million higher-ed students are produced in the US each year. But, despite such a colossal number, only a meager percentage of graduates is able to secure employment directly out of college.  

The primary reason behind the crisis is that the conventional high-ed scene in the country mostly focuses on theoretical knowledge and the students pass out with almost negligible know-how on practical skills. Companies that recruit the graduates straight out of college have to take them through extensive training before they could qualify for real-life jobs. The process is both time and cost-sensitive for these companies. As a result, these companies mostly prefer to work with those candidates who can deliver right from the first week – doesn’t matter whether they have a higher education degree/certificate or not.  

Higher education has been negatively stereotyped as leaving graduates unemployed and without practical approaches to life. Industrialists to Academicians have been complaining about the state of education generally in the world. 

Another problem associated with the traditional high-ed scene in the country is lack of affordability for students. Most of the students often find themselves down with a pool of financial debt after they graduate. 

Alejandra aspires to resolve both these problems with Majesty Academy

Majesty Academy offers state-of-the-art online certificate programs on Digital Marketing and Social Media Management- two of the most significant professional courses in the contemporary 21st century digitally-driven world. 

The certificate programs are based on a higher education curriculum. But what keeps Majesty Academy’s courses ahead of the curve is that, unlike traditional academic programs that mostly zero on theory-based knowledge, Alejandra’s programs focus on practical skill-based approach. The digital marketing expert and educator is very particular about employability, which refers to what a person can do immediately after being hired. Thus, her courses are strategically designed with a balanced blend of both theory-based and practical skill-based training. Such an innovative and pragmatic approach helps to  adequately prepare the students for the professional challenges they may have to deal with in the highly competitive, corporate and entrepreneurial world.

“Students who pass out from Majesty Academy are strategically trained with required professional and practical knowledge to participate proactively in a real-life job environment. We support our students with real-life job skills and knowledge that render them with a higher competitive edge in the contemporary professional market”, stated Alejandra. 

The Digital Marketing online certification course lasts for 12 weeks that involves a 90-minute class session per week. From SEO to email marketing to social media marketing, the Majesty Academy Digital Marketing course covers all the aspects of modern digital marketing.  

Speaking on the courses, Alejandra stressed that the courses are backed by actionable tools to ensure all the students are able to participate functionally and smoothly in the entire learning process.  As part of the course curriculum, learners are given practical challenges to test their capability of applying what they have learnt in a professional setting.  

The Social Media Marketing course is a 8-week program which covers a 90-minute class session every week. Per the statements of Alejandra, the SMM course is intelligently designed to be actionable and interactive to draw in more active participation from students. Akin to the Digital Marketing course, Majesty Academy’s Social Media Marketing course too offers a comprehensive guide to all major aspects of the modern social media marketing world, involving the different SMM techniques and their application on various Social platforms. Every learning section is followed by real-life projects.  

“We use the most innovative tools to provide educational training on the highest in-demand digital marketing professional skills. Our programs focus on theory and are heavy on practical skills that will prepare you to face the real world.” 

For both the courses, classes are scheduled in evenings so that students can take the course without tampering with their existing professional and personal commitments.

Speaking further, Alejandra emphasized that Majesty Academy courses are not only employability-driven but they are also designed to be affordable for students. The goal of the Academy is to support students with easily accessible and affordable higher-ed certification programs that won’t leave them with a pool of debt after the end of the course.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to help others and that teaching and educating is my passion. However, after I graduated from university, I found myself and several other classmates in a pool of financial debt and impractical skills. It encouraged me to create a certificate program that is easily accessible and affordable.” 

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