Akil Coin Revolutionizes the Crypto and NFT Space through a Variety of Unique Digital Assets

November 11 00:45 2021
Akil Coin Revolutionizes the Crypto and NFT Space through a Variety of Unique Digital Assets

No doubt, digital currencies have come to stay. According to projections and judging from the acceptance and growing popularity, digital assets will be a permanent mainstay of the world economy within the next decade. From all indications, it’ll be an unstoppable force thriving on a completely decentralized economy. Although, when digital assets are mentioned, everyone thinks of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum among others, for the past year, NFTs have taken a sizable part of the crypto market and are becoming popular by the day. 

NFTs, also known as Non-Fungible Token, is an offshoot of digital items like artworks, baseball cards, virtual collector items. Each NFT features a unique digital creation which makes each unit unique to the other and thereby enforces an exclusive demand of its own. Akil Coin is the latest digital coin to hit the market, and it relies on a unique blockchain that has been described as revolutionary at its core. Akil Coin is slowly pushing for diversification, and according to the developers, at full capacity, Akil Coin will encompass numerous other digital assets and items. 

While the NFT movement has been around for a while, it didn’t pick up space until about 2020, with the influx of celebrities and sports icons pouring into the scene. Ever since then, people have been exposed to the possibility of making a fortune from doing what they do best, which could vary from gaming to painting. Akil Coin is set to tow similar lines and is on course to become the next NFTs to make moguls out of collectors as it picks up a frenzy of its own ahead of its launch. 

According to Chief Operating  Officer Diamant Sinanaj, Akil Coin is on a mission to revolutionize the crypto space through the countless innovative features it is offering. There are features such as Akil Exchange, Akil Swap, Akil NFTs, Akil Clothing Line and Online Shop, Akil mobile games, Akil Twitch, and many other utilities/features. In his words, these features will separate Akil from any other cryptocurrency to ever exist. And within a year from the launch date, every utility of Akil will be live and available worldwide.

In addition to revolutionizing the entire crypto space, Akil Coin brings to the game a kind NFT feature, that is, its reections feature. They also offer a universal feature that lets collectors and investors access everything they want via Akil. Be it gaming, clothing accessories, access to UFC and other sporting events, Akil Coin gives access and at the same time enables buyers and collectors to do the things they love. 

The Akil Coin team features some of the brightest minds in tech and crypto today, led by Chief Executive Officer Afrim Hajra and COO Diamant Sinanaj. Semih, an IT Specialist, leads the Engineering team responsible for the one-of-a-kind blockchain. Bujar Osmanaj who is the Lead Graphics Designer, and brings the latest creative designs to the team. 

Investors that invest into Akil can receive 50% off Bitcoin with any Akil coin purchase. This promo is available until November 26,2021, the day of Akil launch.

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