Neuropax Clinic Offers St. Louis Access to Treatment for Groin Pain

November 10 12:38 2021

November 10, 2021 – Neuropax, a peripheral nerve clinic based in St. Louis, offers expert surgical treatments for groin pain. As a long-standing clinic in the city, Neuropax Clinic has proudly contributed to the better well-being of countless residents in St. Louis.

Patients typically experience chronic groin pain after they have had some type of surgery or trauma resulting in the pain syndrome. There are nerves in the groin, lower abdomen, and proximal thigh that can get severed, damaged or irritated with repetitive surgery or trauma. This can lead to a Neuroma or nerve compression.

Post-Surgery chronic groin pain typically is caused by hernia repair, cesarean section, or any abdominal surgery. On the other hand, sports hernia, groin pull/injury/crush, or penetrating trauma to the groin or hip region can cause post-trauma chronic groin pain. To relive this, Neuropax offers surgery as an outpatient procedure, averaging approximately sixty minutes. Through the surgery, damaged nerves are excised, and the healthy end of the nerve is relocated into a muscle. 

Compressed nerves are decompressed by opening tight fascial tunnels (not cutting the nerve).  “Some patients notice an immediate difference in their level of pain when they wake up in the recovery room others may not see the maximum alleviation of pain for as long as several months. After surgery, the patient is sent home and may resume normal activities other than heavy lifting for three weeks”, says a spokesperson for Neuropax Clinic.

Championed by Neuropax Clinic, nerve decompression surgery is a well-established surgical technique that has been around for ages. However, the experts at this clinic believe that this form of surgery has not been taken advantage of by the medical community.  With a growing understanding of how nerve decompression surgery work, multiple people have benefited from this technique.

“Neuropax Clinic is becoming a leader in creating a health care distribution platform that is better at aiding patients suffering from chronic pain, peripheral diabetic neuropathy, carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel, chronic migraines/headaches, cubital tunnel, radial tunnel, and other serious complications related to peripheral nerve damage”, says a spokesperson for Neuropax Clinic.

Neuropax Clinic has a team of surgeons and medical professionals dedicated to bringing relief to its patients through education and proven surgical procedures. They promote scientific and public awareness about the benefits of their surgical procedures and the results that they can have on those patients.

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