3 Tips To Organize A Fun Slumber and Watch Party with Friends

November 09 16:18 2021

Ever since the quarantine started, the people have been left with  no other choice but to stay indoors. Because of this, we only get to see our friends very rarely.and it gets to the point where our life just becomes monotonous. Imagine, plenty of us are still living by the same routine for over a year now; it could  really be mundane for many.

Now that the health protocols are becoming more and more lenient, we still just cannot take the risk to go outside as some of us are living with people who are at risk to get the COVID-19 virus. These are the elderlies and the immunocompromised ones.

Staying indoors could also be exciting. With heaps of creativity, every household can organize unique slumber and watch parties and invite vaccinated friends over rather than visit public cinemas. This way, people will be given the chance to bond with their loved ones in a more enjoyable yet safer way.

To up one’s slumber and watch party, just follow these tips:

  1. Decide on a theme

To take these indoor parties up a notch, establishing a theme is called-for. By having a theme, you’ll feel more excited on what to wear and how to decorate the house. This, too, could open up some conversations pre-party. It’s also a good idea to open the floor for others’ input. This way, you will have more options on how to organize and come up with an epic slumber and watch party at home.

  1. Have someone take photos and videos of the party

Others say that the best moments cannot be captured on camera. But since we’re living in a technology-dependent society, it’s still great to have physical or virtual copies of those wonderful moments. With photos and videos being developed or posted on the internet, it’s easier for everyone to look back at how fun and memorable your slumber and watch party is.

  1. Watch TV series or movies that resonate with your theme

Having a Squid Game theme? How about a vintage-esque, Bridgerton-like motif? Spectating programs that resonate with your party’s theme is a unique way to know each other better. This way, you’ll have an idea on why someone has decided to dress a certain character from the show. It could be maybe he relates with that role’s experiences, attitude, or virtues.

Having a peculiar theme and can’t seem to find programs resounding your party’s motif?

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