Bits of stock proves that investing in stocks and growing long-term wealth is no longer a boomers game

November 09 15:48 2021

New York, USA – Saving money is a boomers game. Investing money is what your parents do. It’s time for a new way to invest!

Your entire life, you have been told by your family, teachers, and friends “that saving is important, that you need to buy stocks and not to waste your hard-earned money on material products, events, or anything that has no financial return.”

Well, we disagree. We believe growing your long-term wealth should be directly linked to living in the now, for all! No matter your race, creed, or age, everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest while simultaneously getting wealthier.

That’s where Bits of Stock comes in. The Stock Rewards App that’s building the Ownership Economy with the mission to shape the future of brand loyalty and stock ownership for the next generation of investors. By creating a new loyalty landscape in which the fractional ownership of companies, brands, products, and even logos will be democratized by the customers who shop, engage with, or use their services.

The founders of Bits of Stock understand that building long-term wealth is hard. Life expenses, bills, and even going out for dinner often make it near impossible to think about saving for the future, and the numbers prove it, with 70% of Americans having less than $1,000 in savings (

Bits of Stock is tackling these statistics head-on by rewarding shoppers with fractional shares when they shop at their favorite brands. The platform is opening the door to financial markets for those who historically never considered it a possibility.

“Stocks are the leading driver of wealth inequality globally, especially among younger generations. In the US alone, 90% of stocks are owned by 10% of Americans. If stocks are driving wealth inequality they can also reverse it, we need to get more stocks into the hands of the other 90% with our brand partners.” – Arash Asady CEO & Co-founder Bits of Stock

It doesn’t stop there! Brands invest over $200 billion a year to attract and retain new millennials and gen Z customers. With a combined spending power of $1.5 trillion, competition is heating up. Bits of Stock is challenging traditional loyalty programs like points, air miles, and cashback programs. And the data is promising, with Bits of Stock’s partners seeing results like a 40% increase in average customer spend and a 26% increase in customer frequency. It looks like brands finally have a solution that builds long-term loyalty, engagement, and frequency while providing actual value to the end customer.

Find out more about how Bits of Stock is leading the charge towards a future built on Ownership. 

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