Innovative 3-in-1 Cover Keeps Babies More Protected, Safe & Happy

November 09 15:30 2021
Quilbie’s patented CalmTech® materials offer unique light, sound and sun blocking benefits.

The game-changing 3-in-1 cover by Quilbie® offers summer protection, winter protection, light blocking, and sound protection in a single, comfortable cover was 202% funded by parents on Kickstarter in February 2021.

Developed by first-time parents frustrated at the lack of multi-functionality in baby covers on the market, Quilbie uses a new and innovative patented 3-layer material combination called CalmTech® which offers light, sound and heat reduction from sunlight; it’s even water proof too!

As temperatures rise to unprecedented highs each summer, parents should be aware of the heat-trapping, also know as the greenhouse effect crated by other standard covers or blankets. Research shows that even thin covers can raise the temperature beneath them to dangerous levels. Quilbie’s research demonstrates how the cover keeps baby cooler and safer than many traditional covers.

Says co-founder Tara Welling, who founded Quilbie with her husband Jordan, “As first-time parents, we tried every baby cover on the market but they just weren’t practical. Our daughter was often agitated by light and noise that these covers didn’t block out, she was cold and wet in the winter and hot and sweaty in the summer. After much trial and error we perfected our own, patented technology, CalmTech®, to provide all of the features we were looking for in a cover. We’re so thrilled to share these benefits with other parents and save them the trouble, by offering a single multipurpose cover that can do it all!”

Quilbie’s patented CalmTech® materials are made from a triple weave, high density polyester yarn center surrounded by two layers of foam backed water repellent polyester. This revolutionary new cover is perfect for covering baby in their car seat, stroller, and while nursing. The cover features eight holes for breathability and air circulation, detachable straps that secure the cover to the handle of an infant car seat or stroller, and short adjustable straps that fit around mom’s neck to cover baby while nursing or rocking a baby to sleep. The cover also includes a utility pocket with snap closure for storage and peek-a-boo flap for easy viewing of baby. The Quilbie baby cover conforms to the requirements of the SGS and CPSC and has surpassed the expectations of child safety experts.

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