Take a look at the effective weight of Aphrodes to prevent hair loss

November 09 06:09 2021

In recent years, probiotics have not only become popular in the dietary supplement market, but also attracted much attention in beauty and skin care. Many young consumers are keen on probiotic products to keep their skin tight for a long time. Aphrodes, which is mainly probiotics, has also become an effective weight for preventing hair loss!

Born from prestigious family, specializing in functional hair care products

Aphrodes applied the concept of microbiome in the consumption of nursing products to products, advocating probiotic hair protection. Aphrodes and the famous Korean pharmaceutical R&D team that has been certified for nearly 40 years in daily chemical field research have jointly developed a series of hair loss prevention products, which have received widespread attention after its listing.

Aphrodes born high, research functional hair products, advocates scientific and healthy hair care. It blockbuster upgrades in 2021, mentioned the concept of regulating micro-ecological skin care and balanced maintenance together, effectively inhibiting hair loss, promoting hair growth, and improving the state of scalp skin surface, designed for contemporary young personality, focus on functional skin care product research and development.

Supported by FDA for Anti-drop Function Certification

Since its launch in 2020, Aphrodes has been awarded the “Most Influential Brand” award in the Korean Brand Appreciation And Care Category in 2020 with its unique anti-hair loss efficacy, scientific and correct balanced scalp skin care solution, which has solved the hair problem of majority of young people.

Aphrodes can receive this honor inseparable from its outstanding internal quality. Experts shows that medical treatment of hair loss is inevitable, but daily maintenance is also particularly important. Aphrodes shampoo has the “Anti-drop Function Certification Document” of South Korean Food and Drug Administration, which is an effective product to relieve hair loss symptoms.

Affected by the Korean fermentation culture, the concept of probiotic hair care is applied

Due to the regional nature of the Korean peninsula, a fermented culture of diet and health has been developed. The intake of probiotics through natural fermented foods regulates the body’s pH and relieves diseases. Such as Korean kimchi, which rich in probiotics, can promote blood circulation in human body, speed up the delivery of nutrients, and promote hair growth after fermentation.

In 2019, the “British Post” reported that Korean kimchi can thicken hair and solve hair loss problem. Inspired by this, Aphrodes was born in time to accurately apply the regulating mechanism that effectively balances the skin, let Korea “balance and health” culture inherited and spread, so that the traditional culture will last forever!

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