A week of exquisite hand care, SendMe Hand Cream comes

November 09 06:06 2021

Rough, dry, peeling, frostbite, hangnail, are your hands okay? Autumn and winter are dry, hand care should not be ignored. Don’t let a 20-year-old face have 40-year-old hands! Send Me continues the one-stop gift style with seven hand creams! 

Enjoy more styles and multiple flavors

A pair of beautiful hands is equivalent to a beautiful bright smile, which is a bonus item for interpersonal communication. However, due to COVID-19, the frequency of hand washing and disinfection increases, taking away the beneficial oils that protect the skin, making it easier to dry and rough. Especially in autumn and winter, the external wind is strong and the indoor air is dry. If not protected, the skin surface loses water and hands are more likely to aging.

Send Me hand cream in seven different flavors and offers a new experience of love every day. Yellow is woody, more autumnal; orange is Longjing green tea, fresh and refreshing; there is also pink magnolia, bright orange gardenia, sweet blue milkshake, pink shea butter and sky blue bamboo flavor and other fresh fragrances. Today’s atmosphere, choose whatever you want!

10ml specification, carry it anytime, anywhere

Unlike previous large bottle of hand cream, Send Me gives you seven kinds of experiences to protect your hands anytime, anywhere. A capacity of 10ml, avoids large-scale idleness and cost-effective. Keep one indoors and maintain your hands at any time; one in the bedroom to moisturize hands before bed; one in your bag and apply it before date; one for business trips to let the fragrance of the journey accompany for a long time.

Whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing and repairing

The effect of hand cream is very important, Send Me takes moisturizing as foundation, whitening and anti-aging as a goal. Whitening ingredients nicotinamide and α-arbutin can inhibit melanin deposition, reduce dullness, and accelerate melanin glial cells shedding.

The anti-aging ingredients use white truffle extract, bergamot fruit oil and sea buckthorn fruit oil, which are rich in a variety of active ingredients, have anti-oxidation, eliminate free radicals, anti-aging, whitening, anti-inflammatory effects, and enhance skin metabolism. Sea buckthorn fruit oil is rich in VC, which can inhibit metalloproteinases that make skin aging and eliminate free radicals.

In terms of moisturizing and repairing, squalane can form a natural moisturizing barrier that locks the moisture of skin cells. Purslane, rosemary, and Centella asiatica extract are all anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Trehalose, shea butter and tocopherol can improve skin elasticity.

This autumn and winter, nothing can be done without the care of the hand skin. Send Me hand cream is about to open a new care mode for dry hands that need extra moisturizing to repair quickly.

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