Anyone can change their business and life in three hours by reading this book

November 09 05:48 2021
Kev Ashcroft is the author of the book Outsourcing for Success, a practical guide to outsourcing and the many advantages it offers to businesses.

Hiring locally has been the norm for centuries. This concept was born out of a necessity and lack of technology that the world now possesses, which paved the way for nearshore and offshore outsourcing and team augmentation.

According to Investopedia, “outsourcing is a good business strategy that allocates labor to its most efficient use, at least according to economists. In the end, the effect should ripple down and help consumers by lowering the costs of production, which can be passed on to buyers, and to shareholders who will see increased profit margins.”

Additionally, outsourcing offers a much broader roster of professionals and specialists in comparison to local hiring. The different time zones also play a role, as outsourced employees have the opportunity to finish their tasks while their employers are still sleeping, which helps them greet a new business day with a considerably lighter workload. These are just two of many more advantages outsourcing offers.

The fact that outsourcing changed the way most businesses and companies of today build and augment their teams is undisputed; however, given that it’s a relatively fresh trend, many CEOs and project managers are still learning how to properly and efficiently utilize it which is where Kev’s book and guides come in.


Kev Ashcroft wanted to help both new and well-established firms understand how outsourcing works and how to properly implement outsourcing strategies.

Kev launched his book titled Outsourcing for Success: How to Make the Most of Freelance Talent and Boost your Business, aiming to help owners and entrepreneurs learn more about the importance of nearshore and offshore staff augmentation.

To complement the book, Kev has developed a plethora of outsourcing guides that offer deeper insight and understanding of individual aspects of outsourcing including hiring a freelancer, writing enticing job posts, screening and shortlisting candidates, and more.

Kev’s Outsourcing for Success has helped CEOs grow their businesses. Dr. Brian Williamson, Group Chairman of 4ICG has praised Kev’s book, stating “You can change your business and your life in three hours by reading this book. Kev explains not only why, but how outsourcing is the way to flex capacity in today’s fast-paced world.”

Outsourcing for Success was published on Amazon on the 14th of May 2021; it’s available in both Paperback and Kindle formats and features 167 pages.

Kev Ashcroft also offers mentorship services for owners and entrepreneurs:

“Whether you’re one day, one week, or 20 years into your current journey, we can all use someone to help us through our current stage, or onto the next stage. It’s often better to have an “outsider“ to talk to rather than colleagues, family, or friends. You can be unashamedly honest and know there are no judgments or repercussions with any of your existing relationships.“

Kev Ashcroft’s book and guides are designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners of all levels skyrocket their team’s productivity, efficiency, and lead them on a journey to success. More information about Kev Ashcroft and Outsourcing for Success can be found on Kev’s official website.

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