Famed Colombian journalist publishes history book

November 09 00:22 2021
Famed Colombian journalist publishes history book
By: Luis Rene Avila

Mimia, Fl – Lauded Colombian author and journalist Aura Ximena Orjuela Lopez is releasing an updated version of her acclaimed book El congreso hace Historia or, Congress Makes History, a book covering the first days of Colombia as a nation.

As the streets in Colombia’s major cities see protests agaisnt tax reform and social strife, Orjuela Lopez seeks to remind the country of its citizens’ shared beginnings.

In her book, Orjuela  compiles neverbefore published details of cabinet meetings, congressional committee meetings, public hearings and once classified government activities dating as far back as 1819. “I hope my book will bring some perspective about the importance of peace since we are all Colombians born out of shared struggles and hopes,” shares Orjuela who recently did a national tour about Colombian her book.

In the book, Orjuela shows-off her 20 plus years experience in national and international investigative journalism. She digs deep into the congressional archives and interviews decendents of key political figures to give an in depth picture of the formation of a nation.

Orjuela’s work has been used as a reference point at top Universities, government agencies and media outlets as an authority on Colombian history and culture.

As the nation known for its coffee struggles to shape its political identity, Orjuela’s books attempts to provide a foundation upon which all stakeholders can find middleground.

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