Wael Rabie explains how to be self-sufficient in meat in Egypt

November 08 19:33 2021

Wael Rabie, a businessman and owner of the “House of Good Nutrition” initiative, stated that the Egyptian government provided all conceivable support and guidance to overcome obstacles and develop the animal and agricultural sector with the aim of doubling production of milk and meat, as the biggest problems facing livestock in Egypt are: The increase in the population and the displacement of farmers to the cities away from the fields and pastures and the drought that affected the agricultural areas.

Wael Rabie, owner of Al-Rabie Restaurant and coordinator of the Beit Al-Khair Nutrition Initiative, said that Egypt has taken several measures and measures simultaneously and in parallel to confront and confront the Corona pandemic and to preserve the local product and output of livestock, which were represented in measures related to workers in the livestock and poultry development sector, and that Egypt is one of the most important Countries that are currently seeking to develop the animal and poultry sector, and therefore the measures taken by the state during the past few years have helped to develop the animal sector and the meat market in Egypt.

Businessman Wael Rabie added that there is a decline in the index of importing live calves from abroad, from the rate recorded in his plan for the year 2020, stressing that the goal is to create an opportunity for the Egyptian breeder to achieve profitability from the national project for veal breeding.

Wael Rabie explained, red meat is of particular importance among the items of consumption, because it contains basic nutrients of great importance in human life, and societies tend to increase the availability of red meat to cover the increasing demands of consumers through what has become known.

Or it is called the food security policy through which societies aim to provide the largest possible amount of these demands in the present and the future.

Businessman Wael Rabie stressed that the rise in meat prices is a normal thing before seasons and holidays, with the increase in demand and demand from Egyptians to buy, explaining that the high prices of feed globally and the reluctance of a group of breeders to raise livestock, in addition to the negative repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and added that there is a category of Egyptians rationalized consumption of red and white meat after the pandemic.

Wael Rabie indicated that Egypt is on the path to achieving self-sufficiency in poultry and meat, as animal and poultry production is one of the pillars of the national economy and an important source of income, and the government seeks every year to achieve self-sufficiency in them, in addition to exporting by supporting breeders and farmers. Achievements in the field of agricultural, livestock and poultry production during the past years were represented by achieving 56% self-sufficiency in meat.

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