Dave Skillz spends time giving back to Atlanta

November 06 04:44 2021

Over the last few years Atlanta has become a popular demographic for movies, music, and fashion. From one standpoint some could get the perception that Atlanta’s majority is wealthy. It’s a must to bring awareness of the poverty situations in Atlanta’s downtown and metropolitan areas. This matter is important to David Boyd, known as hip hop artist Dave Skillz, who grew up on the northside of Atlanta. Dave Skillz spends time giving back to Atlanta. He uses some of his personal time to help the ones who are less fortunate.

Dave Skillz visits some of Atlanta’s homeless and blesses the people by giving those clothes and shoes. To some people it may not seem like much, but a little can be more than enough to those in need. Dave Skillz doesn’t own or use an organization to fulfill his efforts, instead he is helping the community personally. It may be easier to donate money and let another organization take care of the rest; however, it’s not easy to go to areas of poverty and connect directly with the people struggling. Every quarter Dave Skillz visits and donates to his community.

Dave Skillz is a artist, producer, and engineer. David Boyd (Dave Skillz) was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He began writing music at the age of 13, and by the age of 16 he was creating his own productions. After joining in 2009, David Boyd spent a term in the U.S. Navy to better his future. In 2014 Dave Skillz established a partnership to form the co-founded music label Infamous Sound Music Line. In 2015 Dave Skillz attended the Art Institute of Los Angeles for audio engineering.

He relocated back to Atlanta in 2017 and continued to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree.

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