Swift News Agency alerts Canada immigrants to help identify fraudulent job offers to prevent them from getting caught by Canadian immigration authorities and stop illegal migration business to Canada

November 06 03:36 2021

November 5, 2021 – Swift News Agency, a company that is established for helping Canada immigrants identify fraudulent job offers to prevent people seeking migration into Canada from getting scammed by the so-called ghost consultants and getting caught by Canadian immigration authorities. People have been convinced and deceived that it is the easiest way of getting a work permit in Canada. Some applicants even believe that these illegal job offers are a straightforward way of getting a work permit in Canada.

We are trying to spread some news to the world that may help people across the world not get caught by Canadian immigration authorities with fraudulent job offers in Canada. We know many companies that were caught by the government and even businesses that has been close down, but people outside the country do not know this and thus the illegal activities continue” says Jessica Benjamin of Swift News Agency.

Many so-called ghost consultants help applicants from Asian and African countries primarily to be connected with local businesses inside Canada who are looking to fill positions in various roles in Canada. Instead of hiring people from the government designated portal jobbank.ca, these consultants and companies essentially creates jobs that don’t exist, which are then “sold” for the benefit of the employer or consultant. By proving to the authorizing body Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) that they were unable to find a suitable candidate from the government portal jobbank.ca, they would instead apply for an LMIA to sponsor the applicant from outside Canada to fulfil the role requirement. In return, the applicant is charged a hefty fee which can go up to 150k Canadian dollars in some instances.

Four businessmen were caught recently, according to the news published by CBC where the charges were tied into a four-year Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) investigation into Can-Asia Immigration Consultants:


Another news reported by CBC related to the significant alleged immigration fraud network, includes many other consultants, as well as 144 foreign nationals and 29 businesses according to the case report:


A post from CIC News reports massive immigration fraud cases in Canada:


  • In 2016, it was found that a man in Halifax, Nova Scotia had helped thousands pretend they were in Canada to get around citizenship rules.
  • A year ago, a man in Vancouver was found to have produced altered passports and fraudulent identities for up to 1,200 individuals.
  • Another Toronto resident was charged with defrauding more than $2.3 million from 600 prospective Filipino immigrants who had paid up to $10,000 each for assistance in coming to Canada as temporary foreign workers.

And the story is endless with these consultants and companies mushrooming every single day. Recent information from a reliable source reveals that 27 consultants were caught in November 2021 by CBSA for helping non-qualified applicants from outside Canada to enter Canada on work permits. These consultants help employers to “pad” applications to hire temporary foreign workers. More than 300 applicants have been tracked who seem to have applied to enter Canada on work permits through these consultants and these applicants are at the risk of being banned from entering Canada for misrepresentation in the documents.

According to the information shared, these consultants have recruited more than 1000 people from South Asia alone to enter Canada and the applicants are now being tracked by the immigration authorities. Applicants are being charged with misrepresentation for applying to enter Canada as a result of fraudulent application process. The information says that the 27 consultants caught are based in Canada and recruited applicants from various south Asian as well as African countries. A simple search for LMIA in local Canadian classified portals will populate over a hundred results from various consultants which are the primary source of these fraudulent business activities.

On the CIC portal Attorney David Cohen says “People who wish to immigrate to Canada or come here on a temporary basis have made a major life decision that often involves uprooting a family or leaving a job abroad. They deserve honesty and fairness, which is the opposite of what these fraudsters provide.”

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) urges to the public, any immigration fraud to be reported immediately:


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