Sab’s Moraira Brings an Exquisite, Unique Flavor to Electronic Music

November 06 02:51 2021
Saber, In other words Sab is a talented multi-instrumentalist that has recently launched Moraira, an atmospheric instrumental track to complement Enigma and Caliente.

According to Discogs’s database, 515,973 registered electronic music artists have contributed 3,953,740 electronic music releases in 2020. The current market is oversaturated with nearly identical beats, similar voicings, and repetitive melodies.

Sab, a Dubai-based young talent realized that the current landscape of electronic music lacks the diversity and freshness of other music genres. As a multi-instrumentalist himself, Sab utilized his piano, guitar, and harmonica skills to create unique atmospheres and ambients, breaking the mold and defaults of electronic music patterns.

When asked about how his passion for musical instruments influenced his sonic direction and perspective, Saber replied:

“My name is Sab and music is my life. I started playing piano at the age of four and switched to guitar and harmonica at the age of 12. At 17, there was no doubt in my mind what I wanted out of my life. To make music. I moved to Dubai and lived my dream. I signed my first album deal at only 19 years old – everything seemed too good to be true, but it only got better. “

Sab’s Moraira is characterized by emotional lead melodies on the piano, backed by exquisite counter-melodies on flute, and drum patterns that are new to this style of music. Instead of focusing on the tried and tested formulas, Sab wanted to reinvigorate the scene with real instruments, unique electronic voices, and custom beats.

Sab has enriched the world of electronic music with four tracks so far while thousands of his supporters hope he will continue to grace the scene with more hits.

Sab’s Moraira is the sonic successor of Caliente, a track he previously launched on his official website. While Moraira is dominated by nostalgic piano leads, Caliente is more focused on symphonic elements and bass-heavy settings. Both tracks demonstrate Sab’s melodic sensibilities and proficiency in crafting electronic songs with real instruments, which differentiate him from his drum-oriented peers in the genre.

Sab has recently launched another track called Versus, in which he had the opportunity to showcase his guitar skills. The atmospheric theme of Versus follows in the footsteps of Moraira, expanding upon Sab’s universe of creativity while presenting his latest batch of melodic ideas.

Moraira soothing elements are tame in comparison to aggressive, bass-driven defaults that largely define the bulk of electronic music sub-genres. Its potential to become the next big thing in the electronic world is massive since it utilizes the brightest elements of programmed and performed art.

Sab has amassed a following of over 10,000 followers on social media networks. His new album already counts 100,000 listenings on all platforms combined in less than a week. Fans of good music, good vibes, and more importantly, music lovers who appreciate true art have flocked under his banner, eagerly anticipating more music from the prolific composer.

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