Brandon Patrick Delivers an Inspiring Message for Homeowners Going Through Divorce in His New Book

November 05 21:58 2021
Brandon Patrick Delivers an Inspiring Message for Homeowners Going Through Divorce in His New Book
Divorce and Your Home: How to Sell Your Home During Difficult Times

FRANKLIN, TN – Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, selling a home wasn’t exactly a simple task. Beyond that, selling a home is even more difficult when the sellers are in the middle of the divorce process. The stresses of putting a home on the market become further complicated by the legal intricacies of divorce, and that’s before discussing the emotional toll of the whole process. When it comes to selling homes during tough times, though, Brandon Patrick is a veteran broker who knows how to get the job done.  

A native Tennessean, Brandon Patrick was born in Memphis and raised in Brentwood with his two siblings. As a young adult, Brandon had aspirations of being a psychologist. Never in a million years did he think he’d stumble into the real estate industry, but the path of life takes interesting and unexpected turns. That’s not to say he didn’t see himself helping others, however.  At a young age, he witnessed his parents lose their family home due to foreclosure during a divorce. He saw the pain it caused in his family. This stuck in his mind over the years, and he knew serving others would be his calling.

As his career in real estate advanced, Brandon found his stride working with folks who had unique situations and needed someone who thought outside the box to get their home sold. He’s an expert in contract negotiation, marketing, and is especially savvy in real estate law, having been in the business for over 26 years, with many managing large real estate brokerages.

For the vast majority of couples, their home is the most valuable asset shared between them. Getting a home sold in the middle of a divorce, even when the split is amicable, can add further stress. There’s questions dealing with when to sell the house, what needs to be done to ensure a profitable sale, who will choose the Realtor, and many more. As a seasoned veteran, he understands the level of knowledge, patience, fortitude, and diligence that it takes to get it done.

“The phrase ‘and this, too, shall pass’ sounds like a bad cliche in a moment like this, but it’s one worth keeping in mind,” he says. “No matter how bad ‘it’ gets, it will eventually pass. The divorce will become final. The house will sell. The children will adapt, and life will go on.”

Brandon is also pleased to announce the release of his book Divorce and Your Home: How to Successfully Sell Your Home During Difficult Times, which he is giving away free in digital format.

For more information about Brandon and his services, please visit his website. His book is available for free here. He can also be contacted directly at 615-474-2808.

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